Coolness-5 traits will will force others to respect and admire you!

Here we go!

1. Never count on a woman’s approval to give yourself a license to feel good, secure or validated. You should be internally validated for being uniquely you. If you don’t know who you are, its a good idea then to figure out what your purpose is, what your code of honor consists of, what your likes, dislikes are, what you’re passionate about, etc

2. Have interests, passions outside of pursuing women. Funny enough, you will attract women when you do, more than when all of your focus is on them.

3. Never be afraid to walk alone. Many will start with you but will end up losing sight, track, focus. You can fall off the wagon with them or continue climbing, even if that means solo. This is what separates a champion from the average person. You should be able to go out alone into rough waters, foreign territories without those familiar to you around you. This is how you will develop bravery, social skills, confidence, micro calibration skills, etc

4. If someone disrespects you, you need to call them out and punish them for their second class behavior. You need to let others know you are a force not to be reckoned with, not to basically fuck with. You have a firm stance on things and principles that if/when violated will lead to repercussions from you. This will brand a lot of respect from others.

5. Be brutally honest with what’s on your mind and in your heart. Speak as openly and transparently as possible with others. The world may like or dislike what you have to say on the surface, but beneath they will find themselves in awe of your heart, confidence, character and will find you immeasurably attractive.