2 day live in field coaching



  • Are you a guy who is a total wuss bag around beautiful, high quality women?
  • Are you a total basket case, a ball of insecure energy in social situations?
  • Do you get tongue tied when the thought of approaching a beautiful woman crosses your mind you spot on the streets, leave alone the idea of trying to talk to her, to attract her?
  • Are you a guy who has 0 to low self confidence, self esteem?
  • Do you lack the necessary social prowess with beautiful women, meaning the “Game” to hold court when interacting with them, to get them attracted to you?
  • Are you clueless about what to say or how to act, to push a woman’s attraction buttons?
  • Are you often friendzoned women?
  • Are you dumbfounded when it comes to knowing how to move things forward with a woman once she gives you signs of interest?
  • Are you even clueless about what a woman’s indicators of interest are?
  • Do you feel small, insecure and/or threatened other men that are better looking, more financially stable or more educated than you? Do you wish you didn’t? Have you lost women to such men before because of your nervousness around them or envy of them?
  • Do you wish you were the “Man” all other men look up to and all women want to be with?
  • Have you tried to use money, your looks, education, job, connections to get women yet still can’t seem to “naturally” attract them but only gold diggers or women that just want to use you for your money, connections, status?
  • Finally, are you sick and tired of living life like a loser, a beta male, a chump, like most men on this planet? Wish there was a way out of this mouse maze that you’ve been put into since birth?

I’m here to help you break though all of these barriers that most men will never overcome in their entire lives. I’m a world renown subject matter expert in the area of cold approach seduction, sales, influence, dating, with over 15 years of “live in field experience. Yes I walk my talk and have real street credibility unlike most. Coached guys all over the world both “live in the field” as well as virtually. I’ve improved the game of 1000s of men globally and want to improve yours.

I will literally take you out onto these mean streets of Toronto and demonstrate for you my quick yet very powerful approach to getting dates, numbers and more from beautiful women.

  • I will break this down easy to follow steps for you.
  • I will show you exactly what type of an attitude women are sexually attracted to. What you’ve been taught is a bunch of lies since birth!
  • I will unveil the 5 lies you have been taught since birth about how to act around women to attract them, how to be respected, adored, successful and happy. You will then learn the “shocking” truth!
  • I will show you, how your body language or non verbal communication must be to push a woman’s attraction buttons. (Women are only attracted to certain, key non verbal mannerisms and repelled others). I will show you exactly what the right ones are you need to develop and exhibit
  • I will show you how to walk up to any woman you want and break the ice with her successfully
  • I will show you how to communicate, sub communicate to her in a way that illicits attraction beyond her logical control.
  • I will teach you my 4 q model of seduction. This model is a step step breakdown of the seduction or courtship process. It is based years I’ve spent in the field “reverse engineering” the cold approach seduction process.You need to supplement your new found confidence with competence or “Game”. This will give you that “Game”
  • I will show you how and when to escalate the interaction to a more intimate level
  • I will show you what signs to look for that she is into you and what to do next, once you observe these indicators of sexual interest from her
  • I will show you how to go for the number, a date
  • I will show you how to get an instadate with her and much more.
  • In the aftermath, you will feel a new found level of confidence, masculinity, status as a man in society. Something you need to be successful, happy and fulfilled in all other areas of your life. This is the kind of umbrella effect mastering the ruthless “Game” of cold approach seduction will bring to you.

You’ll get 10 hours in the field with me where you will get to see me walk up to any woman you want me to go up to and engage her, get her invested in me and walk away with her number or a date.

You will then learn how to replicate my results.

I will adjust your attitude, body language and behaviours, in real time, until you “get the girl”!

You will then finally see the light and have that “A ha” moment that most men never get to realize about how to attract, seduce and build relationships with women! Furthermore you will see the truth about what it means to be sexy, how to act a man to get women crazy for you, other men to respect you, to be in control of your dating and sex life and life.

Like to have this knowledge, skill, status? You bet your life you do.

So how much does this ground-breaking, Game and life changing training cost?

For something like this, I should be charging an arm and a leg. I used to, to be honest. However, I’ve decided that I want to make my training more accessible and affordable for most men. So what is the cost then? Well it’s Not $1500.00 or even $1000.00 which it used to be. For a limited time only I’m offering my ground breaking, revolutionary live in field training for only $750.00 USD. Also, you don’t have to pay the full amount right away. You can simply pay a deposit of only $450.00 USD to reserve your seat and then just pay us the remainder of the balance owing, on the day of your training session. Lastly, we do honor a 30 day money back guarantee! You won’t get this type of value anywhere else!

Once again, are you sick and tired of being a chump? Want to learn how to be a boss with women and in life? If the answer is a loud and obnoxious “Hell yeah” then

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