The real reason why women are out of your league and what you can do about it!

The reason why women are out of your league guys and why women today are only dating men who earn more than them and what you can do about it. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD.

Ever since the dawn of radical second wave feminism and the promotion of the career oriented woman, the second rate prioritization of bearing kids, having a family, the promotion of women into entrepreneurship, the unrestricted provision of credit to men and now women in N.America, women are earning so much more money than they ever have and in fact much more than men in many cases. They also have purchasing power that was never before possessed(most of it nominal or based on credit) and they are using it full force to buy real estate, jewellry, clothes, shoes, vacations, dining out engagements, etc.

Consequently since women do generally want to marry a man who ups their status, they are now negating men who have lower worth than them. Here is the issue. Society tells them and men that they should want a man who is financially one up on them. Not the case. They want a man who is a leader to them, a man who is higher status than them and that means a man who knows more, has more experience, is emotionally more mature. It has little to do with pieces of paper with deceased notables on them. However you’ve been told it does,hence this is why you don’t work on your inner game, social prowess and other things within your control to attract members of the opposite sex. It is why you give up and walk away with your tail between your legs because you think you can’t get tail, because you can’t make payment. Not true at all.
The opposite sex (women) also do little to understand that the status they really want is genetic status, not simply a walking pot of gold with a dick. If that was the case, then we could assume all women are gold diggers and that is simply not true.

If women do think they want a man who makes more money, decipher that and you will find that it is ultimately a man who has power, status and such, and we both know that means power, choice in social situations, sexually, emotionally, in any world he enters, not merely money or even money. We need to educate the sexes on this. If you don’t believe me, then explain the countless women who are part of the rich and famous who date those that are not. So stop thinking women are out of your league based on things you may not have control over-money, material status and realize that they are out of your league because you are not exhibiting certain things you have full control over-confidence, dominance, social prowess, emotional maturity.