Some inner game exercises to give you the inner game of a Super human

So as you know based on a talk I gave on video a few days ago, your inner game is one of 5 layers of influence that affect how you think, feel and act in life and in love. Having said that, here are 10 techniques you can employ to ensure it is “Titanium Solid” ?

1. The ideal self exercise. See yourself, first in a disassociated way(from an outsider’s perspective) then associated, meaning POV angle being and acting like your “ideal self”. Engage all of your senses. This implants a new self image upon your subconscious mind and your mind has to produce thought patterns, emotional responses and biomechanical movements that are in alignment with this new self. As a result it will and you will become what you create in your mind and heart, with regards to what you are. Very Powerful stuff.

2. Play out a Matrix type of movie scene in your mind where you are saving the girl, the planet, the city, kicking ass, takin’ names, being awarded massive recognition, respect and reverence the world for your grits, guts and heart. Once again, don’t forget to engage all of your senses as your need to, to really impact your subconscious mind with the image of you as a super MAN.

3. Ask yourself what you want the world(your family, friends, comrades, associates, well wishers) to remember you for and as, when you are gone. This is very powerful. We tend to do more for others than for our self. This will motivate you to take on the strongest mental attitude you can for yourself so you can step out of your box, endure risk, take massive action and push the envelope in life so you can touch and inspire others, eons after you are gone.

4. Write down a code of honour for yourself. Ask yourself what you stand for-values, beliefs, principles. Those with solid inner game coincidentally have a solid foundation from which they live from.

5. Write down your purpose in life. Once you have a definitive purpose to your life, you will find that it strengthens your resolve, character and confidence.

6. In your mind’s eye, put yourself in situations or scenarios that make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable in your physical reality. See yourself handing the situation with ease and with absolute confidence. Remember, you have to first see it in your mind and feel it in your heart before you experience it, in the physical space.

7. Decide on believing in things that empower you and discarding beliefs, neuro-associations or negative anchors that disempower you. This is as easy done as is said. This is because, usually the negative content we store is mostly based on gross generalizations, distortions of the truth and such. The positive, empowering content we store in the form of anchors, beliefs and neuro-associations is typically based on fact. Remember, your subconscious mind is motivated the need to avoid pain and the desire to gain pleasure. Therefore, once you make it see that it is holding on to something based on fiction, not fact, your subconscious will find that too painful. consequently it will discard the negative anchor, neuro-association or belief in question.

8. Run a series of affirmations on yourself, 10 minutes before starting your day and then 10 minutes before calling it a day. Incant statements with power and emotion like -“I’m the man”. “People adore me”, “My life is super awesome”, etc. Remember you will attract, bring into your physical reality and become what you think about and feel in your heart as already being in existence.

9. Motion creates emotion. Do something drastic with your body like jump up and scream “yeah” or slam a fist into a palm with power. You will feel empowered, confident and strong. Do this repeatedly as you will create an anchor between the action and emotion. What this means is that, in the future, you can trigger that emotion executing the same biomechanical movement you made to create the anchor. The result-you will trigger the same powerful emotional response.

10. Workout and take care of your body and mind. Get into MMA, crossfit, health and fitness. Remember, your physiology determines your psychology just as much as the reverse is true. When you train, eat and live like a Warrior as I do, you will feel like one and will be treated as such others.

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