How to instadate a woman from the streets 100% of the time!

Two things you need to do to instadate a woman 100% of the time from the streets

1. Get her to invest in you so that your “sexual value” goes up in her eyes. This is a must. She needs to be forced to invest in you in order for her to see you as a man of high social and sexual value. If she doesn’t then she will not come with you to any secondary venue to get up close and personal with you.

2. Once you have a strong indication that she is investing in the interaction(reopening the conversation, asking you rapport building questions, closing the space with you, angling her body towards you, giving you good eye contact, etc), then you need to “lead”her.
You can do this in any number of ways but I always believe in taking the path of least resistance.

In otherwords, suggest that you both go somewhere to grab a coffee, for a walk, for a drink in a simply, direct way.

I usually will suggest the instadate saying

“Here walk with me, I’m just going over here. I’ll show you something cool”


“I’m thirsty. Going to grab an ice latte. Coming?”


“I’m bored standing here. Come with me. Let’s go for a walk and talk”.

In fact this is how I isolated a gorgeous Mexican 23 year old, exchange student from the busy streets once I got her investing in the interaction. Once again I did that turning my body a bit away from her and injecting a moment of silence between us. It was a test to see if she was into me enough for her to want to reignite the conversation. It was as she did just that and I got the investment from her side that I needed to suggest the bounce.

Remember, a woman needs to invest in you, in order for her to see you as a man of high sexual value in the sexual marketplace. This idea stems from the more general one that things of high value require work. Well, if that is true then it is also true that men of high sexual value require work. Once a woman knows that you required a bit of work to have and to hold, she will be more likely to be into you and to follow your lead.