Why most guys get shot down when approaching women on the streets and what to do about that so that you engage and attract every woman!

Hey it’s your boy Omar here.

So I’ve been going out like a motherfucker, each day pushing my own limits, trying new things that are still kinda new to me to master them in the area of cold approach “closing” the deal with women. The only purpose for this? So I can be a complete virtuoso in all planes and on all levels in the GAME of cold approach seduction, relationship building, influence and self mastery. That is where I am aiming for as I never settle but constantly aim to outwit my current self. That’s how you outwit the rest.

Anyways one of the things I’ve learned through my own live in field experimentation on the streets is exactly how to engage a woman’s emotions, instantly in a way that lights them on fire, engages them, amidst all of the noise pollution, eye candy, aromas and barrage of bore that they are bombarded with from most men. Especially if you are in a busy place like the downtown core of a major metropolis.

Anyways here are a few things that I’ve noted that work like magic to pull a woman’s focus out of tune and in tune with you.

You must first come with a super, high energy, positive, I don’t give a fuck vibe or attitude. No really!
There must be no disruption in your inner game(Meaning no nervousness or nervous energy, insecurity, concern for pissing people off or fear of rejection). You must nurture and foster a zen like state where you feel you own the town and are already banging all the women there and leading the men.

Next, your job is to transfer that ball of fuzzy, glowing, warm, engaging energy to every woman you meet. It will be mainly in your tone, movements, eye contact, facial expressions, your relaxed gait, posture, the outlandish, playful, naughty, eccentric, shocking, care free choice of words you use, etc. Follow me ? Good

Now with respect to those words, meaning the opener, you just let it out from your Reptile and Limbic brain —–meaning say whats in your heart and what you instinctively want to say…get out of your head and ride on gut level instinct and emotion.

Remember the conversation starter is an extension of that ball of energy which is a collective of that indifferent attitude, that feeling of ultimate self entitlement, power, self confidence, self love, dominance, happiness, playfulness….

To lead you a bit. here are some of the ways I open women…

1. “Stop…you two are shimmering with power. Know why? because I said so”

2. “Your day just got better, not to mention your life because I stepped in it now. You know that?. Im Omar”

3. “Your shades are so big and odd looking but I kinda like ’em. Couldn’t stop checking them out. You look kinda like Audrey Hepburn meets a Cyborg in them”.

4 “I’m gonna be blunt. I say hi to 5 women each day I think are cute and have a nice energy about them. You are lucky number 5”.

5. I’ll walk up to a very attractive woman and say “Wanna tell me where the 10s hang out in this city pls? All I see are 6-8s” Implying that she is part of that lower class of beauty or quality. It always works as very attractive women are used to men kissing their ass. In this case it sets up a challenge. A challenge that shes not all that she thinks she is You have to be different. Got it? Good!

BTW I’ll bounce from one woman to another…..maybe breaking away from set, engaging another one, merging sets. Just making the streets like a show, a playground and I’m the Madhatter. It’s important to keep moving(keep your energy high, make your non verbals animated, maintain fluidity, calmness, playfulness and be chill).

The minute you disrupt that energy field and get nervous for 1/10 of a sec, act shy/nervous or apologetic….you will get blown out. The minute you get rational and logical, you are out. You are buzz kill, low status. The minute you hesitate, think what you are saying or doing is not you, incongruent, will be taken inappropriately, you will project that to the set and they will feel that you are not congruent with what you are saying, doing and they will get creeped out or be repelled. You need to be like a shortstop stealing 2nd base. Once you go, there is no looking back. You steal 2nd with 100% belief and momentum that it is yours. That’s how you must act on the streets when you are engaging women, especially in a busy metro type of area.

What do most guys do? They come weak, use lame lines, pedestalize the woman, worship her, convey way too much interest, telegraph lower status via their body language, rhetoric, opener, rap, clothes, etc. You gotta be on top of that shit homeboy. A woman will only fuck wichyu if you the top dog. You do this with your high energy state, fearless attitude and playful energy.

You need to maintain this strong force field aka state as it will enable you to just say the most outlandish, off the cuff shit that DOES hook women. Why? It’s not because of the words or statements you are using but the underlying attitude , inner paradigm you are underlying them with. Got it? Awesome! The words you use also matter but not as much. Let go, be fearless, sport a playful mindset and the right words and motions will come to you. Trust me!

Your Zen master


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PS. BTW that’s an actual hot, Latina female I picked up and isolated to my car. That was in the parking lot of Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. She did a video testimonial for me also:)