The 3 qualifiers you must pass to seduce any woman you want(same day)!

3 compliance tests a woman must pass or qualifiers you must pass, before you move to the next step in the seduction

There are 3 Qualifiers that a woman must meet before you attempt to move the interaction forward with her(same day) to the final frontier. This means an instadate or a bounce to your place.

If she doesn’t meet any of these three qualifiers then you politely eject yourself from the interaction. If she does then it is your duty to advance forward.

I call them Qo, Q1 and Q2

Let me dive into each one of these more deeply…

Remember your goal is not to be aimlessly approaching any woman out there, as that is wasted energy, resources on your part. It is to approach a woman who you “feel” you will be able to close(number close, bounce, instadate, etc).

So the first thing you must do is to qualify whether a woman is approachable and more so in somewhat of a social state of mind.

The first qualifer Qo deals with this.

The criteria that makes up this qualifier is the following

She is free from distraction(conversation with a friend, in deep thought, on her cell, )

She is not in a rush but rather moving at a moderate pace on the streets.

She is not in any “social position” where she would feel slutty, cheap or inappropriate for talking to you if you approached her.

So make sure she is not walking, side side with loads of people on the streets but is rather, herself within several feet from another person on each side.

Once these 3 pegs are met, you should approach her as there is a good chance she will be easier to “open” and engage. Otherwise your chances of successfully opening her are minimal. As a note, I don’t approach married women so another thing I look for is that there is no wedding band on her ring finger. You may have a different perspective on this so you can react accordingly.

The next qualifier a woman must meet consists of the following criteria.

She must demonstrate sIOIs to you meaning indicators of sexual interest. This is different than just simple IOIs which stands for indicators of interest.

You need to get a woman to feel “sexual attraction” for you before you can escalate the interaction with her. Otherwise you will get rejected or will creep her out, if you try to make advances at her.

The way to do this is to get her to invest in you. I talked about this in my last article.
The only way a woman will feel sexual attraction for you is if she had to work for you. Remember things of value require work. Well, similarly men of high sexual value require work, in the sexual marketplace.

So the criteria that she must meet to pass this qualifier or Q1 is that she is “chasing you” or “investing in you” during your interaction with her.

Meaning she is asking you personal questions(what your name is, what you do, what you are doing there, where you live, what your background is, etc)
She is angling her body towards yours
She gets closer as you add a bit of distance between you and her
She closes the angle between herself and you if you try to widen it
She starts to qualify herself to you if you try to disqualify her
She is getting closer to you or she is not backing away if you try to get closer to her
She is okay with your touch or is playfully touching you on your arm or something.

These are all tell tale signs that she is working to get you to like her. In otherwords, that she is chasing you for your approval. This chasing dynamic massively spikes up attraction in a woman for you into massive, sexual attraction. This is what we want. Got it? Great!

Note. Before a woman will start chasing you, you need to attract her and get her to see you as a man worth chasing. Therefore you must first attract her. Following this you can do a few things to get her to chase you, once again being mindful of the fact that she will only do that if she is feeling attraction for you.
If you want to learn how to both “attract” and “hook” a woman to get her to chase you, once she is attracted to you, then download my ebook-“Maaximum Seduction“.

Now once she has passed qualifier Q1, then you must test for the last Qualifier Q2. The criteria that makes up this qualifier is the following

She has sometime to hang out with no distractions coming her way-appointments, meetings
She is open and interested in continuing the interaction with you.

So once you have your hooks in her and you know she is into you, you can then set up a question to see if she meets this last qualifier. Its really to see if she is interested and able to move to another location with you(a coffee serving venue, your place, the beach, etc). So you can say

what are you doing for the next few hours?

Or you can be a bit more dominant and leader like and say “I’m going to the beach or to this cafe for a few hours, come with me?”

If she says to the first question, not much ……this means she is mentally asking you …”what did you have planned for us? I am interested to carry on this interaction with you”. At that point you can then just lead her to the selected venue and carry on your interaction there, build more comfort with her, get intimate with her, etc.

If she says “Okay” to the second question then…….do as I told you to do above.

Remember pick up, seduction is about “give and take”. You are taking only when a woman is giving. In fact you need to “TAKE” one step further in the interaction with a woman, each time she “GIVES” you an opening. She expects nothing less. Most guys either take when they don’t get a cue or sign or give too much, without letting the woman give. There has to be a wonderful synchronicity and balance in the interaction. This creates
sexual chemistry, attraction and also rapport.

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