How I pull girls back to my place within minutes of meeting them. Includes LR!

I’m going to break down what I did in point form so it’s more concise and you can follow the flow better.
1. Number closed her a few weeks back on the streets
2. Added her on Whatsapp which allows for more real time communication than the native messaging app on a smartphone
3. Invoked her emotions again via text a few times and always capped the thread with the suggestion that we meet on set days/set times, in an assertive manner. Didn’t get a response. Note-I Only did this twice. Meaning sent the initial text, waited a few days and then sent one last follow up. They both had the same structure. Content to spike up her emotions followed implanting the idea of meeting up in her mind. After that I let her go and never contacted her again. I was faithful that if I did my job properly of attracting her, she would miss me and consequently start to work for my attention again.
4. That’s exactly what happened. She had replied, was apologetic about not getting back to me sooner and said she that she would love to meet up. (I later found out that, the fact that I had backed off and didn’t act desperate and chase her like most men, really spiked up her attraction for me).
Fast forward a bit….
5. Anyways, We we were supposed to meet on Monday 09/19 but she messaged me out of the blue on Sun 9/18 and said she was at her friends and asked me if I wanted to hook up. I took this as a sign that she liked me. I also took this as a sign that she may be open/interested in getting intimate. This gave me the cue that it was okay for me to be very forward and direct with her upon meeting her. Micro-calibration is everything guys!
6. Upon meeting her, I took her to a courtyard near my building within a few minutes. Here’s how that mini bounce went down. I met her at a local Starbucks(a public place so she felt safe, comfortable with me). I then said that there was a beautiful courtyard besides my building, which was a bit more quieter and a more beautiful setting to be in and that we should go there. She complied. I also took this as a sign that she was open and into me sexually. See when a woman agrees to go near where you live, take that as a sign that she is very much into you.
7. So at this courtyard next to my building, I made her sit next to me on a bench. We talked about everything under the sun from philosophy, the arts, culture, feminism, traveling, etc. How come? I am worldly and was able to talk to her about anything and everything in a confident, experienced manner. It telegraphed that I was worldly which was very sexy to her, she told me later on, after we had done it. Anyways all the while I’m resting my leg against hers. She doesn’t pull away. I’m leaning into her, smelling her as we are talking. She starts to eventually return the favor and is all over me. The reason? Women love to be touched a man they are into and in fact touching a woman can make her aroused. She most certainly was. Some forms of touching I use are resting my leg against hers, leaning my body into her left arm if we are sitting side side, smelling her hair, holding her hand for a few minutes, resting my arm on her lower back and gently going up and down in a pleasing, masculine way. This literally lights a woman on fire. This woman was no different.

8. After some more cool convo, I decided to pull her back to my place. I had all the cues I needed to know that it would be accepted her. So I just said “Come let’s go”. That’s it, no more to it. So matter of fact, casual with absolute certainty that she would comply that you couldn’t cut it with a knife. As if it was the next natural thing to happen. She knew what was up. She knew I was pulling her back to my place. Not surprisingly she complied.
9. While at my place, I toggled between cool conversation, engaging her emotions, making her laugh, stimulating her mind with my intellect to touching her, getting sexually suggestive, leading the interaction flow, leading her. Backing away, making advances, push/pull, talking about something Linear to something non linear, purely emotionally engaging. This further fueled her already aroused state. You have to mix it up. Got it? Good! I also ensured that she was okay, comfortable at select points or was having a good time. Asked her if she was thirsty, hungry, wanted to call her mother to let her know where she was at or to touch base with her. She really appreciated that and felt even more comfortable and open around me. You have to toggle between playing the perfect gentleman but also the alpha, dominant lover. The key is to know when to bring out each archetype. That boils down to micro calibration and live in field experience kids
10. After 10 minutes the conversation turned pure sexual. We started talking about fetishes and what turns both of our cranks. I knew right there that she was sexually aroused, into me and wanting me to sexually please her. I then made it clear to her that I wanted to do that and I wanted her to please me. She obliged. The rest is history.

Some key points to take from this.

If you try to get a woman to meet up with you that you have number closed, make sure you really build some heavy value in her eyes. That’s the only way she will invest in getting to know you and will follow your trail.

Lead, lead, lead. Once you get cues from a woman that she is open to going to the next phase of the seduction process, move her to that stage. She expects nothing less.

Establish kino or touch early on with a woman so she is both used to your physical presence and use it to arouse her. This is only applicable once she has demonstrated she is attracted to you, trusts you and feels comfortable with you.

Stimulate a woman’s mind, not just body. Learn the art of conversation. Learn to engage a woman’s Limbic centre. Demonstrate wits, worldliness, emotional intelligence. In fact one of the things that she told me was so hot about me in addition to my physical appearance and confidence was the fact that I was well versed, read and very experienced.

To get a woman back to your place, once she is giving you cues that she is down for that, lead her but in a classy way. Like instead of saying “Wanna go back to my place?” which sounds permission seeking and weak, just say “come with me, let me show you my cool art collection at my place” or
“Let’s go…..sit on my comfy Ikea couch and get a bit more up close and personal, over a cup of green tea or something”.

Once you are at her/your place, don’t just pounce on her. Show her respect, be a gentleman, ask her if she is comfortable, feels secure. Offer her something to drink(coffee, tea usually for me), engage her in great conversation. Then during periods where she is engaged and smiling, laughing, moving closer to you, flirting with you, use that as a cue to get real close to her, touch her and then heat things up.

Note, that you should gradually increase the interaction from intimate to sexual as per her growing arousal for you and comfort level. Many guys get too sexual too early without calibrating for where she is at mentally and emotionally in the seduction process or fall short of even making a move, causing the interaction and a woman’s attraction to fizzle out. You need to know when there is an opening and take advantage of it.

You have to mix it up. Meaning you have to know when to be a gentleman and when to be take charge and dominant. You have to know when to touch and when to back off, when to talk about visceral, intellectual stuff and then when to get silly, child like, sexual, flirty, playful. You have to know when to go hard, rough and when to be soft, romantic, etc. This comes with experience.

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