How to be the coolest guy at a party or social gathering


Starting to go out to social venues, parties, mixers. It helps me to keep my own social skills, cold approach engagement, relationship building skills tight, get out of my head and have a nice balance of life with work.This is what guys pay me for amidst other elements which constitute mastery for a man. I walk my talk and preach what I practice, unlike many fake ass, wannabe, pseudo self help, dating, success coaches. So tonight I went out to this packed house of men, women for a short time. Couldn’t stay long as I had to venture on home to run some errands.Also, during the week I don’t drink. I Only had a tonic water amidst the volume of alcoholic air breathing mouths. Anyways I decided to make my limited time there count and hence made my entry. Here is what I did and what you should do to break the ice and make sure people remember you over anyone else.

1. I immediately started walking up to people, stern bodied, face erect, strong eye contact, a genuine smile and made my introduction and added a genuine compliment if I noticed something that caught my eye. I also held and dominated the conversation. Most people don’t do this. They bring a barrage of bore, monotony, shyness, nervousness like emotional vampires and repel others. You can’t do that. You are not going to a party. You are the party motherfucker!

2. I spot a cute Asian girl and a guy talking. When I spotted a minute of silence, I interjected with an observation about her, but after greeting both of them. Within minutes of my entry, she left him on the couch, stood up and was in my face, talking to me very intimately. I wasn’t trying to rain on his parade. More like he already rained on it being too common and boring. I was a breath of fresh air. I spotted a cute Black female while I was engaging this cute Japanese student type. I immediately merged her into the set and got both of them talking and suggesting they became friends. What does this indicate? Leadership. I dominated the threesome once again with perfectly timed humor, sarcasm, playfulness, flirtatiousness, kino, vibing with them, etc. Anyways number closed both of them and ejected first. I told them I had to go to the men’s room and wanted to check out the scene but I will be back later. They loved that. Always exit on a high note and be the first to call the shots and exit the set. It shows non neediness, that you are socially savvy and like to be with people, not just obsessed with women and that you are mature. A very appealing thing and rare. Most men are the opposite.

3. Spotted two chicks and a guy playing “table soccer”. So based on this observation, I rooted my “ice breaker”. I walked up to them and said. “Hey you guys are playing Gitoni. I’m gonna watch, cool?”.. They were bewildered as to what that meant. So I explained that it was the Italian word for table soccer. I then introduced myself, high fived them and suggested we do a “doubles” match up. They got all excited that idea and said “haha that’s cool. sure”. So me and the hotter of the two girls joined forces against the other guy and girl. All throughout the match, I was cracking jokes, hi fiving my partner once we scored, was acting very enlightened, animated and full of life. They were eating it up. The girl asked me what my name was along with the other guy/girl and some other questions which indicated massive “Intrigue” on their part. Almost as they have never met someone like me in their lives and especially at one of these events. I could tell. Anyways I had to jet but thanked them for a good time. I also “mentally time bridged” my girl to a second meeting the following week, when I go again. She said sure. This means she is expecting to talk to me and get to know me next time we get together.

The points I want you to take from this are to be super cool, be your best self, speak your mind, say what you want, be light hearted, genuinely complimentary, confident but also humble at the right times, decisive/take charge especially with women that get mad shine from other guys, acf indifferent, escalate and then pull away first, direct them, guide them to do this or that, to meet up again, to exchange numbers, to go outside, to go over her and grab a drink, etc. Women love a man with direction and an erection. Meaning one who is not afraid of being forward, a bit improper, transparent, etc.

If you want to learn other live in field strategies that I’ve developed to break, enter and divide and conquer any set in any space, msg me or join me on Skype . I go live on Skype each Sat from 12 to 1 PM and offer free coaching to men, globally. Spacing is limited so you will not want to miss out. Until next time, it’s been a pleasure sharing my street credible wisdom with ya’ll.