1 on 1 Skype training

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Now you can learn how to be more confident and masculine in your social interactions with my Skype training plans


Wish you knew how to be more confident and masculine ? Wish attractive women saw you as an Alpha male? Of course you do. Then let me show you how to transform yourself into a confident, Alpha male. The kind of man that’s in control of himself and his social interactions. Furthermore, I will train you from the comfort of your own home, office or car. Connect with me on Skype and let me coach you and guide you, virtually. I will show you how to be more confident and masculine and  how to display Alpha male characteristics. This will make other men respect you and other women want to be with you. Imagine how your life will be like. Once you’ve done this, then check out my 1 month immersion program which will kick your game up even more.


In addition, you can pick my brain, ask me anything you desire. Nothing is off limits. I will also customize the session we have to address your specific issues. So if you need help on transforming yourself from a beta male or average male to a self confident, masculine Alpha male, then look no further.


Pricing is as follows

1/2 hour-$100 or
1 hour-$150.


If you need more time then we can work out something that is reasonable and suits your budget. Just contact me  by phone (416.316.1921) or emal me if you need more than an hour of phone or skype coaching.

Payment is made in advance and then you will be contacted to determine your availability and preferred time slot. While most customers get their first choice of time slot, it cannot be guaranteed in every situation, so make sure you keep an eye out for the confirmation.


Complete money back guaranteed!

If even for a “second” you don’t find the quality of my advice second to none from the time we connect via phone or Skype then you may ask for a full refund, no questions asked. So you have nothing to lose and the only incredible wisdom to gain! Can’t get more seamless than this…


“I am in India and am unable to attend one of your live training programs so I thought I would sign up for a Skype coaching session. It was amazing how you were able to decipher the loopholes in my body language and show me what needed to be corrected. Since then, I’ve been able to attract more women, gain respect from other men and get the job of my dreams. Thanks a lot”.
-Raj, Mumbai


Contact me by phone (416.316.1921) or email us if you have any questions. Otherwise sign up below for the phone or Skype coaching time slot of your choice and let us iron our the kinks in your game!



For 30 minutes


For 60 minutes