1 month immersion program

I’m offering a fully customized, mentorship program. You will learn my Maaximum Method to persuade, influence anyone on your vision, to conquer, dominate, own any domain you wish, not just the cold approach seduction game. This is offered as a full immersion training type program for 1 month. Specifically, you get 4, 1 hour Skype training sessions with me and 4, 1 hour in field sessions with me. You can also correspond with me in between these dates so you always have me there to help you, in real time. Lastly, I will give you homework, assignments which will build understanding, skill and experience on the previous skill, understanding and experience we build for you.

Breakdown of pricing:

My 1 month mentorship program is $1095.95.00 CAD.

2 months $1185.00 CAD (Save $706.90 CAD)

3 months $2285.95.00 CAD (Save $1201.90 CAD)

3 months plus, we’ll work something out.

contact me at info@themaaximummethod.com for a FREE 30 minute consultation first and we will both decide how much coaching you require.