The “Truth” about how to attract women and score more numbers, dates and deals that no one is telling you! So I will.

That’s right. What if I told you that all of the stuff you’ve been reading and applying about how to procure numbers or dates from women from a cold approach is nonsense. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself how many number or dates have you actually gotten out of the 100s of approaches you’ve made. I’ll bet it’s less than 10%. So what is happening here?. You’re reading all of the same, reused, recycled PUA nonsense or BS from some one-trick pony or Wannabe Master with no “real” results. They all look and sound the same. They tell you to approach, approach, approach and you will eventually get laid. They tell you to use their so-called, magic-pill system and all of your woes with women will be resolved. What a pile of mule dung. Here’s the truth…

How to Attract Women

Why the “F” should you listen to me over the others

Hi, I’m Omar(Notoriously known as McMaax in the men’s forums in the mid-2000s). I went away for a while but I’ve decided to offer my expertise to the world again. I’ve spent close to 10 years “reverse engineering” the exact inner game, non-verbal communication, verbal patterns and behaviours that move people and attract them from a cold approach. This means beautiful women, especially. This was the result of, spending almost 8 years, “in the field” trying to figure out what works vs what doesn’t to make someone want to invest in you, your ideas and your vision. from a cold approach. Whether it be romantically or financially. Through trial and error.  On Bay St(Canada’s Wall St where I worked for years selling wealth management services to high net worth individuals over the phone) to main street and in various types of neighborhoods with women of various social characters, in my city of Toronto, Canada. It was also the result of modeling the attitude, non verbal game and behaviors of less than 4% of men I knew of that were actually getting insane results and discarding the rest of the white noise I saw online or heard about from other so called “cold approach day game” experts or cold sales pros. These were real outliers amidst a pool of “wannabees, Snakeoil salesmen and amateur hour lady’s men”. Then it hit me like a freight train. I actually “felt” a real Game change and started to actually get awesome results, myself.

Furthermore, I got a role as a “live in field” trainer for a men’s coaching outfit in Miami in the mid 2000s called Seduction Science. I was teaching men how to attract women in the day time in various cities like NYC, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal and even had men fly from all over the US and in some cases Europe to attend my “in field” day game training program. All of my bootcamps were sold out because of the results I was getting my clients. This opened up my eyes even more as to what works and doesn’t work on really pushing a woman’s attraction buttons and really getting more numbers, dates and even rendezvous with beautiful women and in persuading people, in general in life or in business to do what you want them to do.

How to Attract Women

Lastly, yes I also applied this to my own business ventures or sales jobs I had at that time. I noticed amazing results as well. I had broken many lead generation and sales records with two of the biggest banks on Bay St(Canada’s Wall St) I had worked for. I was called the “Wolf of Bay St” by my partners, in both organizations that I  worked with. I also grew two businesses, including this one to a 6 figure level in no time. I even got to be in the National Post newspaper and on some popular, morning radio shows in Canada.

The truth about how to how to attract women  10X, even 20X more numbers, dates and deals

How to Attract Women

So I knew that I had developed a real and “truthful” understanding and approach on how to sell myself to the toughest customer and close that person on me, my ideas and vision. Whether it be a gorgeous woman I wanted to score a date with I saw on the streets to a big ticket prospect I wanted to convert into a lead or customer. My uncanny results relied on two things. First demonstrating high survival value or social value, as soon as I approached a woman through my attitude, non verbal communication and behaviors. It’s not about using a line, gimmick or some “magic pill” system on how to slay babes that you see all of the time being advertised online.

They are made by men that don’t know the first thing about cold approach sales, influence or seduction. Then it’s about knowing how to “surgically”, move the interaction forward from the approach until the bedroom or until you make that person a fan, follower, or client, seamlessly. This is important because if you say or do the wrong thing, at any instance of time during your interaction with a woman, even for a split second and you will make her lose interest in you, fast.

Real game vs child’s play and the rest of the BS you’ve been reading or learning how to pickup Girls

I broke down this process down into 4 steps. I call this my 4Q Game Maaximizer model for cold sales, influence, and attraction. You carry out each step and then throw out a qualifier or compliance test. Hence the name of my model. Only once you observe “compliance” or “Interest” from a woman, then you know that you’ve carried out that step successfully. You also know that its okay to move to the next step. You also only rely on how a woman responds by her behaviors or actions and not by her words. This is because women will often just give you lip service because they don’t want to hurt you. This way you will attract and close way more women or deals than ever before.

For instance, the first step in my 4Q Game Maaximizer model is the “opener”. This is where you approach a woman and start a conversation with her. So what I like to do is just make eye contact with a woman and say “hi” and see what happens. If she says “hi” back or if I see that she’s open, is smiling and is sociable right from the gate, then I will be direct and start flirting with her right, right from the gate. So I’ll say som something like, “You looked like you could use a change. So here I am”. If on the other hand, if she replies with “Yes, what can I do for you?” or seems a bit stand-offish, in her head or appears guarded, then I’ll go with an indirect approach. This would be like asking for her opinion about something and then getting more direct with her, as she opens up. I teach what a direct vs indirect opener is during my Game Maaximizer training program. Notice, that if I were to go direct with a woman whose not exhibiting interest or “compliance” based on my test of just saying “Hi” and seeing how she reacts, then I would probably get shot down. Similarly, if I were to hide my intentions or interest in her, even after she shows interest, then I would have the same fate. This is why we need to micro calibrate for where we are with a woman, in terms of her energy and her compliance level before proceeding to the next step. This is how you stack each interaction in your favor. Not by blindly using the same approach on every woman and trying to move the interaction forward with no intelligence.

How to Attract Women

The next step in my 4Q compliance-based model is to attract her. There are really 4 ways to attract a woman. One of them is by saying things or by acting in a masculine way. This way she feels, a male-to-female polarity when interacting with you. This is what she needs to feel to see you as a potential lover and not just as a friend. So once you feel she’s into you, based on key indicators of interest, throw out a compliance test to see if she really is into you. That’s real evidence.

I’ll say something like “Listen Mary, I don’t want to keep you. You can go if you want”. If she says, “Omar it’s okay, I’m actually done work for the day and just on a walk”, then it’s a good sign that she is into me. Since she had a choice to stay or go and she chose to stay. That requires energy and where people expend their energy indicates what they are really interested in. So, similarly, if you observe interest or compliance, then you know she wants you to escalate the interaction even more. So you can then suggest for you and her to go on an instadate or to perhaps meet up in the near future. If you don’t, then you can work on attracting her again or exit the interaction and approach another woman you fancy.

Notice how this is a far more intelligent way to try to meet and attract women. First you’ll only be investing time and energy into a woman that is also doing the same, by showing compliance. That is also the expenditure of her time and energy resources. Second, since she’s making a choice to stay which requires effort on her part, it will raise your value in her eyes. This is because things and people of value require work. Lastly, it will make her feel like she’s a volunteer in the mating process and not something that you are forcing her to take part in. Ultimately its a win win for you and her.

This is also how I approach the game of prospecting for new business. I only move the interaction forward when I see compliance at 4 key steps in the Seduction Training Toronto sales process.

Bottom line, it’s all about exhibiting social value and in only moving the interaction forward once you get active participation from the person you are trying to sell yourself, your ideas and your vision to. Whether it be a big ticket client to a beautiful woman. Got it? This is why, just using pick up lines or routines or trying to game women just doesn’t work.

So do you want to learn the “Truth” on how to make women and the world want you also? You bet your ass you do

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how to pickup Girls

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How to Attract Women

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