10 cardinal principles of Masculinity. A revisit!

Here we go.

1. Good deeds don’t go unpunished. Most will tell you to be nice, including women. That’s bullshit. If that’s the case then why aren’t they dating “nice guys”. What a woman says she wants is different than what she is emotionally wanting on a Reptile basis. Not saying don’t be nice. Please be nice but also be take charge, decisive, a bi neutral, firm, stern, dominant with people. You need to earn respect before you get the money, the honey, popularity. Being nice on its own means shit. You will be looked on as a bafoon, a chump, a beta chode. Need to more importantly demonstrate “masculinity and dominance” at the highest level in a way that makes people safe, secure and want to get to know you.

2. Refer to other men in a friendly but also in a subtly subordinating way. Use references like “Hey boss”. “Thank you sir”. “My man”, “Hey cool dude”., “So tell me big guy”. You’ll notice that these references are often used by men of higher status to their male counterparts, automatically positioning them as lower on the social totem pole.

3 Don’t beat around the bush. Go right through it. Just state what you want, when you want it, where you want it. Don’t pussyfoot around. Be clear, direct and brutally honest about what’s on your mind. If you spot a woman with curves which is something you fancy and you want to talk to her to find out more, forget all the stupid PUA shit. Just be honest.

Say “HI, I’m gonna be blunt. Saw ya, thought you were cute, like your shape and wanted to come by and see if you were interesting and just take it from there. I’m Omar”.

4. If someone addresses you, take a minute to respond. Like don’t just snap your head to the right or left because you are so needy of approval or attention. Wait a minute, then slowly motion your head to the person addressing you. In otherwords, be crisp, cool and calm with your non verbal movements. That indicates a lot of inner peace, power and self confidence.

5. Talk in a more than just audible volume when you are out. Let others hear what you have to say by accident or by design. I see too many of you “run for cover”, “Hide your feelings, thoughts from the public” out of the fear of being judged or ridiculed. Stop that now! Let your light shine. Give a nanofuck about what others think of you. Remember you should regard yourself as an important, special person who people take seriously, listen to, are inspired by, want to be like This should be your perspective on yourself.

6. Don’t initially look at a woman too much when she is talking to you or lean in to her. That sub-communicates lower “pecking order”. Make eye contact with her but break it from time to time. Look at other women, check out your surroundings, look at your shoes, etc. Also keep a certain distance away from her. Let her earn her “proximity” to you. In otherwords, only move closer or look at her more when she is genuinely saying or doing something that really is captivating or that you find interesting. She will find that very attractive. Remember, men of high value require a bit of work to interest.

7. Use colloquial English when you speak. If you speak using proper English all the time, using big words or sentiments, you’ll come across like a tool. Break away a bit, Be disordered, Be chaotic. Be street, be random. It will make others both respect you and also feel a bond with you. People have a hard time relating to someone who is “too smart for their own good”. Also, such people are perceived as over compensating dicks. You want to be both unique, interesting but someone others can also relate to.

8. Dominate and lead your conversational threads. If you are engaging in conversation with someone and they try to take you into territories that are not what you find interesting, maybe they are trying to get you to react, show dominance over you, you do one thing. Don’t acknowledge address and respond. By following this, you will have shown that you don’t dance to other people’s rhythms. You only dance to your own. You govern and lead the dialogue and interactions you have in your life. This will command a lot of respect and in many cases, make those who are trying to do the same, retreat and recognize you as being the dominant one.

9. Learn to be complementary to others without expecting anything in return. One of the main traits of a leader is that he is generous, giving and appreciative of others. Why? He is not threatened but rather enchanted by the success of others. So if you genuinely see/hear something “nice” about a person(an article of clothing, an accessory, a book, a recent job promotion, etc ), give that person a compliment. This will make others respect and adore you.

10.It is your duty to propagate your knowledge and experience to the next generation. So if you are in the presence of someone who is a bit younger than you, then give him some guidance, mentorship, leadership on how to master himself as a man. He’ll never forget that when he grows up into a full fledged man and as long as he lives.

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