2 day live in field coaching


improve your social skills, how to attract women, how to start a conversation with a woman

Learn how to attract and date women from a raw, cold street approach with my live in field training

Do you lack confidence with women? Are you clueless as to how to start a conversation with a woman? Do you lack the competence or “Game” required to engage a woman’s interest and get a date with her?  In other words, are you dumbfounded as to how to attract women in the real world?  The “truth” is that if you can’t walk up to a woman “cold” and attract her, then you can never feel masculine, confident and won’t have  real status in society. Rather, you’ll feel like an average chump, you’ll feel small, frustrated and unfulfilled. Not a nice way to live out your existence on planet Earth now is it? This is why you need to improve your social skills with women now.

However, trying to figure the “Game” of seduction on your own  can make you experience years of failure, rejection and frustration. Hence it can make you give up as is the case with most men. The Good news is this. You don’t have to figure this stuff out on your own because I have. You can check out my full bio here and the reason why you should listen to me.

Let me teach you “live in the field” how to improve your social skills with women. Learn how to attract women of the highest quality with my “hands on” training. 

Stop the beta curse now and start to transform yourself into an Alpha male. I will walk you through this transformation. I’m here to help you break though all of these barriers that most men will never overcome in their entire lives.

What is the “live in field” part about?

I will take you out onto these mean streets of Toronto and demonstrate for you how to start a conversation with a woman, how to attract women of the highest quality, how to get a date with a beautiful woman and much more. Want more detail? Great here you go….

You’ll get 10 hours in the field with me where you will get to see me walk up to any woman you want me to go up to and engage her, get her invested in me and walk away with her number or a date. Yes I will show you exactly how to start a conversation with a woman, how to attract her using specific verbal and non verbal communication and walk  with her number or a date with her. Right on the spot!

You will then learn how to replicate my results.

I will adjust your attitude, body language and behaviors, in real time, until you “get the girl”!

You will then finally see the light and have that “A ha” moment that most men never get to realize about how to attract, seduce and build relationships with women! Furthermore you will see the truth about what it means to be sexy, how to act, what to say, how to use your body, to get women crazy for you, other men to respect you, to be in control of your dating and sex life and life.

Like to have this knowledge, skill, status? You bet your life you do.

Some of the specific things you’ll learn

How to successfully start a conversation with just about any kind of woman

How to engage a woman’s interest within minutes using your body language and what to say to her to come across as different, alpha and mating potential vs all of the other beta males who or douchy guys that are just waiting to be rejected.

You will learn how to customize your game for different types of situations and women

you will learn how to really tell if a woman’s into you vs just telling you she is to be polite and get you off her back with a fake number at the end

You will learn the “One” thing you must do to get solid numbers and dates with 0 to minimal flaking

You will learn how to subcommunicate that you are an Alpha male

You will learn how to flirt with a woman in a very sophisticated way. This specific type of flirting is so deadly as it creates massive sexual tension

You will learn my 4 Q model to pick up any woman you desire from a random, cold approach

You will learn how to escalate the interaction with a woman in a seamless, natural way until you are both intimate with one another

You will learn how to get a woman’s number or score a date with her

You will learn how to think and act like a genuine Bad ass

You will learn how to command respect from other men and consequently attraction from the women in any situation or setting

and much more

So how much does this ground-breaking, Game and life changing training cost?

For something like this, I should be charging an arm and a leg. I used to, to be honest. However, I’ve decided that I want to make my training more accessible and affordable for most men. So what is the cost then? Well it’s Not $1500.00 or even $1000.00 which it used to be. For a limited time only I’m offering my ground breaking, revolutionary live in field training for only $750.00 USD. Also, you don’t have to pay the full amount right away. You can simply pay a deposit of only $450.00 USD to reserve your seat and then just pay us the remainder of the balance owing, on the day of your training session. Lastly, we do honor a 30 day money back guarantee! You won’t get this type of value anywhere else!

Once again, are you sick and tired of being a chump? Want to learn how to be a boss with women and in life? If the answer is a loud and obnoxious “Hell yeah” then

Sign up for one of my “Live in field” “how to attract women” training programs