That’s right. What if I told you that all of the stuff you’ve been reading and applying about how to procure numbers or dates from women from a cold approach is nonsense. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself how many number or dates have you actually gotten out of the 100s of approaches you’ve made. I’ll bet it’s less than 10%. So what is happening here?. You’re reading all of the same, reused, recycled PUA nonsense or BS from some one-trick pony or Wannabe Master with no “real” results. They all look and sound the same.

They tell you to approach, approach, approach and you will eventually get laid. They tell you to use their so-called, magic-pill system and all of your woes with women will be resolved. What a pile of mule dung. This is why you’re not getting results. However, it’s okay, you’re not alone. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. I’m here to help you drastically improve your game, with women and in life.

The importance of demonstrating high survival value or social value

See just using lines without first developing and projecting “social value” is a wasted endeavor. No one in their right mind, leave alone a beautiful and smart woman will give you the time of day, if you are not sub communicating social value, not just acting as if you have it. You do this by what you say, how you say it and how you act. Not by trying to act cool or by using cheesy lines or trying to run game. This is why whatever “bs”, fake, untested, lame system or PUA method you’re using is as effective as trying to cut a piece of wood with a butter knife. Also trying to approach, attract and make a woman feel “something” in her gut for you, then moving the interaction forward based on her interest requires you to say and do things correctly, at any given instance of the interaction. This means you need to develop social calibration or micro calibration skills. The “one size hat fits all” approach you’ve learning and using just won’t’ cut it. So it’s time to make a change. A real Game change okay? Good.

I know because I used to be in your shoes for many years. Buying into the same “hype” and garbage that was being offered to me as a “red pill” solution to improve my Game. It didn’t work. So I spent 7 years trying to “reverse engineer” the exact inner game, non-verbal game, and behavioral game that would lead me to attract and close more numbers, dates, and deals. After years of trial and error in the field, modeling those that were actually getting results, in the field, and calibrating for the cracks or weaknesses in every single PUA system or sales model, out there, I got it. I soon started to skyrocket my own results with women and in my big-ticket sales job.

My 4Q Game Maaximizer approach. The “truth” on how to close anyone from a cold approach, including beautiful women. Built on, years of live in field experience, modeling the best players that actually get results and calibrating for “cracks” in every other system

So what I teach is a very “precise”, tried, tested and fail proof model which is a “best of breed” of the small percentage of things, out of a larger pool of white noise, garbage that actually gets results. I disard the rest. My approach based on what gets results is this. First, build and demonstrate high survival value through your attitude, looks, physique, style, non verbal communication and behaviors.This is what people and women judge you on first. Not on some lame line or routine you execute. Then, it’s about knowing how to move the interaction forward from the initial approach until she’s in your bed or in your life. This is where my 4Q Game Maaximizer model comes in. This breaks down the cold pick up or attraction process into 4 key steps from the initial approach until she’s in your bed and in your life.

You execute each step and then test to see if she’s ready to move to the next one. So, at each step, you throw out a “compliance” test . You then need to observe “key” signs of “compliance” and “interest” from a woman, in the interaction, based on her behavioral responses. This suggests that you can and should move the interaction forward. You only move the interaction forward when you observe “compliance” indicating behaviour at each key step. This means, you DO NOT move the interaction based on what she says. This is because many woman will give you lip service because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. You only move it forward based on how she behaves at those key moments.

So the first step is to approach and get her attention. You only move the interaction forward if you “observe” open energy from her to talk. If you don’t then you can use what we call an indirect opener until she’s warmed up a bit. On the other hand, if she responds with a smile, an openness to talk, a warmth radiating from her, then you can open with a direct statement of interest.

The next step is to attract her. There are 4 key ways to attract a woman. I outline this in my “Game maaximizer training program”. However, the general idea is to create a male-to-female polarity through your words and behaviors. A woman needs to feel as if she’s talking to a real man. You do this, and you’ll push a woman’s attraction buttons. Not doing this and you’ll be tossed into the “Let’s just be friends” bucket. So once you think you’ve attracted her,  you then throw out a compliance test to see if she is attracted to you, based on her behavioral response. If it’s positive then you move the interaction forward to step 3, which is to suggest that you and her hook up or go out. You would then throw out a compliance test to see if she’s open to that. If she is, based on her behavioral response, then you move the interaction forward. What you are doing is making her feel in sync with your energy and also giving her the power to stay or go. This way if she stays, you know she’s legitimately interested in you. It also raises your social value in her eyes because you’re only leading her, not forcing her.

This is really social calibration at its finest and this is the difference between having to approach 100s of women to only walk away with one flakey number to generating real attraction and connection with women. This is the difference between not being able to score even after taking a PUA bootcamp to being able to close, pretty much any woman you want for the most part. By following my approach, 100s of men have skyrocketed how many numbers, dates, and even hot rendezvous they’ve gotten.

A real game-changer in the area of cold approach sales, influence and seduction

In fact, by following my own model, based on years of live in field experience and also running pick up training bootcamps for a prominent Miami based outfit, I finally “broke the matrix” on how to have BOSS like closing game with women and in my business. Hence my close rations have also been off the charts. Before I would apply the same BS pua, mass approach idea that you’ve probably been following and got maybe 2 solid numbers that would go somewhere, every 30 approaches or close 1 lead for every 150 dials I would make at my sales job following the typical BS sales techniques I was indoctrinated with. Now I’m scoring 5 solid numbers/dates from 15 approaches and 2 leads for every 50 dials. Those ratios are exponentially greater. So, I only preach what I practice. Hence, that’s why I’me also teaching this to men globally and want to make you a part of my success story. So what are you waiting for?

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Omar aka McMaax
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