3 hacks to make you more attractive than other men

By April 26, 2020 June 8th, 2020 No Comments
  1. Develop core functional strength and mental toughness. Most guys just look pretty but aren’t physiclally or mentally tough. So if you are, you will shine through and stand out.

2. Take extra special care of yourself. Your gut Biome, Your heart, your skin, your hair, dress to impress. You will now have superior aeshetics to most men because these things will make you look more youthful and healtier.

3. Be quick at verbal jousting or quick on the draw. Most other Alpha males will try to assert their dominance over you by trying to put you down, asking you a question to get you to qualify yourself, by trying to troll you, etc. So rather than over reacting by getting confrontational or under reacting, out Alpha them by demonstrating superior coolness and wits. So if someone says “Hey man nice hat, are yo a cowboy or something?”. Say “Bro if I knew you were so into fashion I would have told me sister.She’s looking for a new best friend who likes fashion”.

Anyways there are 3 amongst many other tips. Hope you find them useful.


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