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5 barriers to overcome if you are to achieve Maaximum Mastery in life and in love!

By November 2, 2013 January 6th, 2019 No Comments

I believe these are the 5 barriers we must pass to achieve Maaximum Mastery in life, love and all of their micro-facets.

Like Maslow’s these are expressed in order of importance. I thought about this, coached 2 clients during a live in field bootcamp with this “Modular Paradigm” with kick ass results.

I had 3 tiers originally to what was known as my Maaximum Method but now I am proud to introduce 2 more 1 and 2. It is now fully complete as a five tier Paradigm to achieve complete mastery, based on my own life experience and those I have coached for many years on life/love mastery.

I am not going to go into great detail. Will give you point form details about each tier.

1. Metaphysical-You need to see the world/reality as “illusory”, as “Vibrations of energy”, rather than “Matter based or stationary”. Meaning most people believe that the universe is some randomly chaotic thing along with their experience. This means they never try to change their condition by digging deep into their visceral centre. They will never tap that “Genius” because they believe “Things just are”. BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am living proof along with 100s of millions of others of such phenomenons as serendipity, happen-stance, coincidence, the law of equivalence, the law of attraction, the interconnection between atoms separated by time and space, miracles, etc

STOP BUYING THIS SCAM. You must believe that you can govern, dictate and fabricate your physical reality by controlling your virtual reality. This is the first layer or barrier you must pass. Moving on to layer 2……

2. Cultural/Philosophical-What you belief or subscribe to both from an ideological angle and cultural can very much influence your behaviour both in a good way but in a self-sabotaging and self-destructive way also. For instance, I know many people whose cultures inject certain ideas about relationships(often religious) that are totally obtuse and self-destructive.

I also know an equally great number of those whose certain philosophical ideas can be a a good driving force but also which can lead to unhappiness, failure, self-sabotage, etc (Orwellian, draconian, nihilistic, existentialistic, hippie, capitalism, communism, socialism, Dianetics, Scientology, etc) Make sure that you pick and choose those that are productive and will lead you to a path of success, happiness, fulfilment and self-actualization rather than on a downward spiral.

3. Psychological-This is pretty obvious, isn’t it. Just like you are what you eat in the world of health and fitness, you are what you think, emote, believe and expect most of the time. Make sure your psycholgical make up(self image, self worth, self esteem, concept of the world and how you see yourself in it, people, women, sex, relationships, wealth, success, etc) is such that you are propelled towards success and happiness not drawn away from it like most people.

4. Non verbal-AKA Body language. If you wish to master anything in life whereby inter-personal communication mastery is paramount in importance then you need to develop certain non verbal mannerisms(vocal projection, vocal inflections, vocal tonality, facial expression, walk, gate, posture, stance, eye movements, sly smile, speech patterns, an infotaining disposition etc) that puts people in seats for hours and engages them like a dear in headlights. You need to use your body as that is what people read, as a vehicle to convey power, importance, status, virtuosity, dominance, leadership. Your body tells the tale of who you feel you are inside. You can’t fool people with words. They will asses you on your body language. So make sure it is powerful.

5. Logistical-You can have the metaphysical, philosophical, cultural, psychological and non verbal GAME down pat, but if you are looking East looking for a sunset then you are throwing darts at a board in the dark. You now need a logistical masterplan of how you will not only create success, but recreate it. So you need to have a blueprint, a step by step procedure of how you will achieve your end goal.

Once you have passed through all of these barriers, then MASTERY, VIRTUOSITY, FAME, FORTUNE, HAPPINESS, ADORATION, RESPECT, FULFILMENT await you my friends.

Until next time, get out there and push the maax
Omar aka McMaax

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