Why you should listen to me

Hi, I’m Omar. I’m known as a “G” in the area of cold approach seduction, influence and sales. Bedded many women same day via street approaches or those I met online. Dated Models, slept with exotic dancers at no cost, Grew an adult site to over 100 amateur actresses where I got a lot of “free time” with them and paid them literally nothing. Yes this was consensual. pulled in 3K/weekend through my business, for each weekend straight due to my superior hustle. Also broke records on Bay St (Canada’s wall st) selling wealth management services to high networth big ticket prospects on the phone(Think “Boiler room”).  The reason I say this is not to show off but to A) Establish credibility for myself as most “so called” sales or seduction gurus are just paper champions. Whereas I have real life experience and 2) to impress upon you what’s possible once you understand how to “Trigger” attraction in someone. I’ve spent a good portion of my life understanding the “Game” of seduction, cold sales, influence, power, sex appeal and broke that down into a 4 step model. This is what I teach during my training programs.

I’ve been featured in the media, on national newspapers like the National Post, appeared on international morning shows like the Dean Blundell Show and Z103.5’s morning show. I offer both “live in field” bootcamps in Toronto and virtual skype coaching to a global audience. In my spare time I like to workout, train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, read and meet new people.