Hi I’m OMAR. FOUNDER of THE MAAXIMUM LIFE. Grew up like most middle class kids to affluent, white collar parents. Cushioned, comfortable and my destiny was to go to University, get a job, get married, have kids and you know how the rest of the story goes.  However, I wanted to really stand out in the world and become a force to be reckoned with like a RESPECTED mobster, an ENIGMATIC “villain” in a movie or a PERSUASIVE character like ALI so that others would be moved by me, be attracted to me, would listen to whatever the “F” I said and do whatever the “F” I wanted. That to me was real POWER AND CHOICE in the world. Not getting a degree, a job, getting married and becoming another member of the status quo. So I decided that I had to quickly abandon that original game plan and start to “cultivate” myself into that “NON VANILLA BLEND”. This way, I’m the one calling the shots, have that manly edge and can lead and attract others to me, over the rest. So I left my middle class mentality of safety and comfort behind and started to transform myself from just another harmless, good guy to someone that creates noise, commands respect and makes you stand up and pay attention.

This was the result of spending YEARS in the toughest social environments like the ghetto, the streets and doggy dog sales positions I intentionally took on. While in these Lion den’s, I taught myself how to survive, how to out wit other Alpha dudes that wanted what I wanted, how to develop hard ball negotiation skills, how to be calm and confident in the face of dangerous people and situations, how to use psychological warfare to instill fear and respect in others for me, how to sell myself, stand out, and make others feel attraction and connection with me over the competition. Anyways, after years of taking action, pinpointing what works vs what doesn’t, modeling the few I knew who were actually getting crazy results while discarding the rest of the BS, and finally calibrating for the weaknesses in every single method, coach, strategy out there I heard, I arrived. I call it my 4 Q MODEL for power, influence and wealth. It “reverse engineers” the process of attracting, leading and closing anyone you want into an easy to follow model.

It shows you the exact PSYCHOLOGY, NON VERBAL SUBCOMMUNICATION AND BEHAVIORS you must cultivate to lead others, get whatever you want in life, from respect from others, the dream job, loads of money, even beautiful women. It has allowed me to command respect from other men everywhere I go, to break the mold at my big ticket sales job on Bay St, start and grow a few businesses to over 6 figures in under a year, grow a Facebook group from 0 to 5K members in less than 3 months, meet and attract beautiful women within minutes, be able to handle any degree of adversity with calmness and much more. In fact I used to be a charisma and attraction coach for a Miami based outfit in the mid 2000s called Seduction Science. While working with them, I used to run sold out bootcamps for single men at $1,200 USD/STUDENT. This would involve me showing them how to attract others, including women they just met in a social venue. My success rate was over 90% and still have the archived reviews on my laptop. So unlike most of the so called, online gurus out there with a limited or homogenized level of experience, I have real STREET CREDIBILITY, A UNIVERSAL SKILL SET AND UNDERSTANDING of how to lead, attract and close anyone on me, in any environment. That’s why you should listen to me! Want to know more, book a FREE 30 min zoom coaching call with me.