About the Maaximum Life

Omar is the Founder of the Maaximum life, a self mastery coaching outfit he founded years ago. Its main focus it to help men understand what’s driving their behaviours, how to own them, their emotions and actions to be able to embody real 21st century masculinity, attractiveness and social prowess. Omar has over 15 years of “live in field” experience in reverse engineering cold approach seduction, persuasion, charisma, attraction, leadership. He has appeared on the former Dean Blundell show on 102.1 The Edge, The Morning show on 103.5, The Gentleman’s Room(From the producers of of “Keys to the VIP” on the comedy network), the National post and other media outlets. His passion is training in mma, Brazilian jiu jitsu, coaching, helping men to regain their manhood, gain power, choice in not just in their dating/sex lives but in their lives and giving them a truthful understanding of how to own the manosphere.

“Omar is a really awesome coach. I was okay with women but not great. Was missing a whole other level of understanding on how to really get them to chase me, want to date me. I got that after the training program. Devin, New York City.”


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