Omar Khan aka “McMaax” Based in Toronto, Canada. Omar is the Founder of The Maaximum Method(formerly Maaximum Seduction). He is considered to be one of the top experts in the world, in the areas of “cold approach” persuasion, seduction, dominance, power and self mastery.

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pua training sydneyRiskReward based in Sydney, Australia

I am a well-known and respected figure in the Sydney dating industry. I am incredibly passionate about helping men attract women and developing themselves as men. I have studied social dynamics and practiced the art of seduction for over ten years. I have mentored and helped many men deal with important issues: career, family, women, intimacy, love and spirituality.

I am well-qualified and experienced in teaching skills across many areas: day game, night game, inner game, outer game, dance game, body language, massage, sex, fitness, martial arts, meditation, social circle mastery and relationship management.

In a typical boot-camp, I will share my expertise of projecting your masculine presence, owning your sexual desire, acting with integrity, day game openers, night game openers, physical escalation and how to lead women to the bedroom. The training session will be tailored to your sticking points.

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pua training londonTom Juan Based in London,Uk.

In the day or night – on the streets, in the open air is where you’ll find me. In Brighton or London.
Strengthening sexual chemistry, procuring instant dates and effective number closes, building genuine connection with the most beautiful women and ultimately enjoying sexual choice and variety. The underpinning that should structure every man’s interaction with desirable women. Let me show you how to achieve this in your life also.

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pua training new york cityRj Based in New York City.

The world is what it is. It’s our job to simply present ourselves as boldly and clearly to it as possible, accept the reactions and move on the opportunities. Anything else is a fool’s errand. Since women have become more successful and independent over the years, the dating scene has not been as simple as the media or society depicts it to be. I have spent countless hours in field and have developed an uncanny approach to cold approaching, meeting, attracting and seducing the hottest and highest quality of women in any social venue. I would like for you to join me and begin a colossal odyssey that involves taking control of important parts of your life.

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pua coaching ChicagoRockinrolla Based in Chicago.

I still go out almost every night to keep my intuition sharp, plus I just love women and people In general. It’s all about building a new connection. That spark of joy when you really vibe with someone that drives me. I will let you in on the secrets of how I tick, what really works, and how to be an organically awesome individual that women just love to be around! You have to walk around the world lightheartedly to truly enjoy life. This is the aura that I give off, just positive vibes and a good time. The skills that I will teach last a lifetime and will make you a truly driven, socially adept, sexual being.

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