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Welcome to The Maaximum Method. The only outfit in the world that “delivers” the most cutting edge training(both offline and online) to men on how to dominate the world and everyone in it. The company was founded by Omar aka McMaax, who is considered the top expert in the world in the area of power, dominance, influence, cold approach seduction, relationship building and self mastery. The name “The Maaximum Method” is derived from a model with the same name, developed by Omar and derived from over 20 years of “live in field” experience. This model represents power, dominance, influence as the mastery of 5 channels of influence. These channels govern how we think, feel and act. When you master them, you own the planet and everyone in it. Ultimately this means being able to think, feel and act in a way that enables you to cold approach dominate the scene and everyone in it, from men to women.

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