The 4 steps to cold closing any woman. Mini audio course. Coming in Fall/2019!


Coming soon. Learn the 4 steps to seduce any woman you want from a cold approach. From my years of live in field experience meeting and bedding women on the streets, in various social venues, online, I’ve come to this realization. This is fact. This is real. That the seduction process can be broken down into 4 steps. Each step must be executed successfully before moving on to the second. You move through each step once you get some sort of “compliance or sign” from a woman to do just that. In my Mini Audio course you will learn exactly what these signs are, how to test for them and how to take a woman through each of these phases. The result-you will have a proven, live in field tested system to land any woman you set your eyes on in your bed and in your life. Release date to be announced soon!