Learn the “No BS” truth about how to create noise, stand out and attract others! Some of the stuff you’ll learn…

  • The actual drivers that cause people to act on a message they see or hear. THIS WILL SHOCK YOU!
  • How to push these drivers to make people feel an uncontrollable attraction and connection with you, your ideas or vision IN MINUTES!
  • My live in field” tested model which reverse engineers power, influence, and attraction into easy to follow steps that ANYONE can use to achieve those states.
  • How to cold approach and engage someone’s interest IN MINUTES!
  • The critical importance of your INNER GAME and BODY LANGUAGE in getting others to look up to you, be attracted to you, want to invest in you you, your ideas or vision over the rest.

The examples in this book demonstrate the application of these principles to stand out in a social setting to beautiful women! However they can be used to persuade, attract and lead anyone towards you, your ideas, your vision or your brand!

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