Stop the insanity. Put down everything you’ve read, heard or learned about how to persuade or attract others, including beautiful women. It doesn’t work. Here’s what does work!

Day Game Training

Look if what you read, heard, or learned worked, then you wouldn’t be surfing the internet looking for help. You certainly wouldn’t be on my site or more specifically on this page. So let’s cut right through the BS, be honest with each other and keep it 100% real. Let me start. You’ve been taught a bunch of hog-wash, useless, reused and recycled concepts and strategies from one-dimensional, snake oil salesmen about how to improve your success with women. Even how to cold sell or persuade someone in life and in business. These paper champions are dime a dozen. They all tell you to follow their system and that’s going to solve all of your problems with women. They also tell you to approach, approach and approach because it’s just a numbers game and that you will eventually score.

If that’s not a recipe for failure, frustration, and self abuse, then I’m probably missing something here. You’re going to learn the most thorough, live in the field tested approach to meeting, attracting anyone from a cold approach. What you will learn will “shock” and “amaze” you. This is because it’s going to be so different than anything you’ve heard before. Rest assured, at the end of this page, it will all make sense. You will realize that you were getting nowhere. At the same time, I hope you’ll feel a sense of hope that there is a better way for you, that can really be a game-changer. So let me now answer the question you might have in your mind which is “Why the hell should I listen to this guy?”. Great question by the way. So here it is.

The 100% stone-cold Truth about how to persuade, attract others and beautiful women from a raw and uncut, cold approach

My name is Omar Khan. I’ve spent over 8 years, “reverse engineering” the exact inner game, non-verbal communication and behavioral patterns to move someone, to persuade someone to buy into me and to be attracted to me. This includes beautiful, smart women. This was based on lots of time and energy spent in the field determining what works vs what doesn’t, working on Bay St(Canada’s Wall street) selling to big ticket prospects on the phone and on the rough and merciless streets of Toronto, Canada, in various neighborhoods. This gave me a real multi-dimensional understanding of how to close anyone, from a big ticket influencer to a beautiful, urban type female in downtown Toronto. I also stole a thing or two from 4% of men I knew who were actually getting results. I discarded everything else. I also used to run in field, Day Game Training bootcamps for a Miami based coaching outfit for men called Seduction Science, in NYC, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal in the mid 2000s, All were sold out because of the results my students were getting. This also added to my insight as to what works vs what doesn’t.  Finally, I studied every single system out there on cold sales, pick up, how to talk to women, you name it and calibrated for their weaknesses and cracks. The result was a fail-proof, tried and tested system that works anywhere and anytime to cold close anyone from a beautiful woman to a high net worth prospect.

“The best part of the workshop was actually seeing Omar aka McMaax in action.I’ve read several books on pick up and seduction but actually seeing these done is a whole different thing that helped me out enormously. It would have taken me much longer to learn the correct body language, ways to talk (multi-threading), etc If I relied solely on a book. Omar is overall a cool guy who knows his stuff and his love to teach and help others is self evident in his attitude”. Shawn, Chicago

“I took the Day Game Training bootcamp with McMaax and it was awesome. Here are the noteworthy points. The way McMaax took a girl away from a a big buff body builder who was gaming a girl and had the girl starting to touch and chase him instead. Within minutes they were embracing and hugging. I also remember the wayMcMaax walked up to a big Italian Mafia looking guy and had his girls all over him within minutes as he owned the guy with his superior body language and tonality. Thanks for showing me!” Darin, North Carolina

Some international reviews of my global trainers

My 4Q compliance model of  Day Game Training. The “truth” on how to attract and “close” anyone from a cold approach. 100% tried, tested and fail proof, in the field.

My system is based on what gets results. That’s it. It’s based on first demonstrating high survival and social value through your attitude, words, non verbal communication, behaviors and style. This is what people “read” and “judge” you on to determine if they want you or not. Not on some childish line or “magic pill” system that some confidence hustler, online fraudster told you to apply. I’ll show you exactly how to demonstrate this value within seconds so that people, women will be instantly magnetized to you.

So now that you know what’s been missing from your one-dimensional game to make it two dimensional, there’s one more missing piece to take your Game to another level and push it to the maax. You need to know how to move the interaction forward from the approach until you land a woman in your bedroom and into your life. If at any step, you say or do the wrong thing, you can kill the attraction and lose the girl, within a split second. To make it easy for you, I’ve broken down this process into 4 steps, called my 4Q Game Maaximizer model. After you carry out each step successfully, you need to test if you’ve done so, before moving to the next step. You do this by using a “compliance test” or “Qualifier” and then observe how a woman “reacts”. Hence that’s why I call it my 4Q model. This is a true indicator of whether she’s in sync with you or not. Whether she’s legitimately interested in you or just giving you lip service and a number to a phone that will never be answered. Been there? Of course you have. We all have.

“Omar(McMaax) really opened my eyes to how picking up a woman really works. One can read all of the “how to” manuals currently in circulation but actually seeing how the whole system works improved my game, tenfold. I really couldn’t believe how well I did. I opened a good number of sets and number closed an attractive woman at a bitchy Las Vegas style club in Chicago after only 4 minutes of interaction with her. I could have number closed others if I wanted to also. To sum it up, I feel much more confident knowing what to do concerning the whole seduction process”. John, Chicago

“I am a successful IT consultant , having moved from a small town in Ontario, Canada to New York City. I am good looking and earn more than 95% of the general population, but I would miss the target with women that gave me indicators of interest that I really should have closed. What was the problem? Omar(McMaax) determined that it was my body language and attitude I was projecting and cleaned it up. Omar( McMaax) also determined that I was skipping steps in the seduction process, trying to skip to the comfort/rapport phase without first generating attraction by my words and body language. McMaax demonstrated that his principles really work in the field and having practiced the first steps I believe I can make this work. At the end of the night I was approaching set after set and the women were responding positively. For me McMaax was really focused on ensuring that I got the most out of the workshop at every level”. Kevin, NYC

(We used to be called Maaximum Seduction)

 Get 10X more numbers and dates and even a girlfriend, even if you are short, average looking and don’t make a lot of money! Guaranteed!

For instance, the first step is to approach a woman. So instead of walking up to her and getting up in her face and trying to game her, do this. First, test to see what her energy is like, what her mood is like, how open she is to even talk to someone. Then “microcalibrate” your words, nonverbal game and behaviour to make her feel in sync with you. Like, I’ll stop a woman and just say “Hi”. If she returns the “Hi” back, in a very friendly and open manner then I’ll be more open with her. For instance, I’ll flirt with her right from the gate by saying something like “You looked like you could use some fresh ideas. So I had to come over and rescue you”. If on the other hand she says “Yes what do you need?” or “I’m in a rush, what do you want?” then I may also decide to walk away or I’ll ask her for directions to some place or ask her for her quick opinion about something until she warms up..Then I’ll switch gears and make the interaction more sexually charged or flirty. Notice if I was to be direct with her, it wouldn’t have worked and she probably would have walked away. Why? Maybe she’s more guarded, skeptical of being approached by strange men or maybe she had a bad experience. So by “micro calibrating” my approach, in real time to her “energy”, I’ll be more successful at warming her up over time and taking the interaction somewhere. You follow? Good. In this case the compliance test was me just saying “Hi” to determining if I should move to the next step which is the attraction step or to move on.

Day Game Training One more example. Say you get compliance from a woman, when you say “Hi”. Meaning she responds with a smile, is projecting a sociable vibe and like she’s open to meeting someone, then what? Then you move to the next step which is to attract her.  I teach 10 killer ways to attract women in 2020, during my Day Game Training programs. However, generally, that means to say things and act in a way where she feels the interaction has a male-to-female vibe or polarity. This will happen if you display confidence and assertiveness with her. Otherwise you’ll be tossed into the “Let’s just be friend’s bucket”. A place we’ve all ended up in, at some point in time. After you feel you’ve carried out this step, throw out a compliance test to make sure she’s attracted to you. To make sure her IOIs are legit and not just her doing PR. So in my case, I will say something like, “Listen, I don’t want to keep you. You can go if you want to”. If a woman’s into me, she’ll show it by “choosing” to stay and get to know me. Conversely if she’s not, she might say, “Yeah right, I think I should go” or something like that. If she exhibits a positive reaction to my compliance test, then I know that she wants me to move the interaction forward. What if I tried to do that, when there is no interest on her part? I would have gotten rejected or she might have just given me lip service and a fake number to get rid of me. Has this happened to you? Of course it has. This is how you prevent it.

The awesome thing about looking for compliance first is that it allows a woman to invest in the interaction by making choices. This raises your value in her eyes. Remember things of value require work. Second, you are only investing in someone who legitimately wants to invest in you right back by showing compliance. So it’s a win win and you’re not wasting each others time. Consequently, you’ll skyrocket the amount of women you meet, attract and date because these women will legitimately want what you have. On the other hand, if you just randomly bombard 100 women, without any micro calibration, without seeing if there is compliance at certain key steps in the pick-up process, then you’re destined for a lot of heartache. This is the situation with most guys that learn “Game”.

Even after they’ve listened to some so called expert online or even taken a bootcamp with a so called reputable company. I won’t name names here. I’m sure you all know who I’m referring to. Remember, the approach, approach, approach, force a, “one size fits all” ball of disingenuous, gamey lines or words, down everyone’s throat strategy DOES NOT WORK. If it did, then the close ratios in Day Game would be much higher than a few numbers per 100 approaches. That’s a dismal 1%. Once again, you need to develop and demonstrate mad social and survival value and leanr to micro calibrate your approach at every instance of the interaction. This is the only way you will skyrocket your results with women.

During my Day Game training program, I’ll show you how to both 1. Develop and demonstrate high social or survival value using your attitude, body language, words, actions, look and style. 2. I’ll then show you how to successfully and consistently, open, Attract, Hook and secure a date with a beautiful woman from a cold approach, using my 4Q Game Maaximizer model.

Day Game Training

Some of the specific things I teach in my Day Game Training program:

  • How to successfully start a conversation with just about any kind of woman.
  • How to demonstrate “high survival value” through your ideas, non verbal mannerisms, verbal patterns and behaviors
  • How to “Micro-calibrate” your approach for every single type of woman and situation so that you always score with her
  • You will learn how to really tell if a woman is into you vs just telling you she is just to be polite and to get you off her back leaving you with a  fake number at the end. You must observe compliance signals from her, as I had indicated above., before you move the interaction forward. I’ll teach you “3 proven” compliance signals. They are proven signs of legitimate interest and an indicator that a woman wants us to get more cozy and intimate with her.
  • You will learn the “One” thing you must do to get solid numbers and dates with beautiful women vs fake numbers and dates with a high percentage of flaking.
  • You will learn in Day Game Training, how to learn the right vs wrong way to demonstrate your personality.. The wrong way will get you blackballed. The right way will get you laid and can even get you an awesome relationship with your type of woman.
  • You will learn how to flirt with a woman in a very sophisticated way. This specific type of flirting I will teach you is so deadly as it creates massive sexual tension. A woman will not be able to resist you.
  • You will learn my 4 Q model of Day Game Training to approach, attract, and close any woman you desire from a random, cold approach.
  • You will learn how to escalate the interaction with a woman in a seamless, natural way so that you never encounter resistance from her
  • You will learn how to get a woman chasing you using powerful verbal patterns like false disqualifiers, tension loops and freezeouts. They take advantage of a woman’s instinct to want to seek validation from someone who doesn’t give it to her. Consequently this chasing dynamic will set the stage up for her having the hots for you
  • You will learn how to think and act like a Boss, without having to force yourself to “act as if”.
  • You will learn how to outshine other men in any social venue or situation. This will position you as the leader in their eyes and the object of desire in the women’s eyes.and purchase attractive shirts.Click Here

With my live in field of day game  training course, you’ll get a pre In field Zoom session with me, where I’ll teach you all of these concepts until you get them. Then I’ll show you how to apply what you know in the field. You will get 7 hours in the field with me, if you’re in Toronto, Canada. You’ll get to watch me approach, attract and number or date close beautiful women, right before your very own eyes. You will then shadow me, until you start to think, feel and act like me. All the while, I’ll be giving you real time, feedback so that you can make adjustments on the spot and get the girl. Once you do, you’ll really start to have a profound understanding of what “actual” GAME is, as opposed to all of the amateur hour, fratboy, PUA crap you’ve been learning and applying.

With this coaching program, you’ll also get some  bonuses, my 2 ebooks
Maaximum Power and The Maaximum Manual.

As a 3rd bonus, you’ll get my Online dating checklist.

So if you’re ready to take your game to another level.

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Day Game Training
Day Game Training