Free Skype coaching

Kick your game to the maax by dialing in to my weekly Thurs/Sun free Global skype group coaching call.

We got guys from all over the globe on the call. Pick my brain, ask me questions, hear the most shocking, controversial truisms when it comes to sex, dating and relationships, cold approach seduction today that NO one will tell you as they don’t have the deep insights and live in field experience as I bring to the table. DO NOT miss out. Test me! You will be addicted and a forever convert. We go live in 30 minutes guys. Spacing is limited. Add me on SKype using the username:maaximumman . Days and times for the call are as follows.

Thursdays, 11 am to 12 pm EST
Sundays, 1 pm to 2 pm EST

Log in at least 10 minutes prior, in case you have to adjust for technical difficulties. Please also determine what time 11 am EST will be in your timezone, so you don’t miss the call. Lastly, I will add you to the group and then call the group at exactly 11 AM. We will all be able to hear each other.

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