Stop the insanity. Put down everything you’ve read, heard or learned about how to persuade or attract others, including beautiful women. It doesn’t work. Here’s what does work!

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Let me show you the NO BS truth about how to APPROACH, ATTRACT, NUMBER CLOSE and land SOLID DATES with beautiful women that are out and about in the real world. Like on the streets, out shopping, roaming on a University campus, waiting for the subway or bus, or attending a networking event.  Most so called, wannabe, online experts will either tell you to say this or that to a woman, to try to come off like you’re high status, give her a corny pick up line, try to tease her to show her that you don’t need her with the hope that it will magically make her chase you for your approval, or to be very direct with your interest in her, right off the bat. The idea here being that just telling a woman that you find her attractive will make her feel the same way towards you. What a bunch of BS. They are all wrong. Come on, why would you listen to someone who has had ZERO footing in the real world and hence very minimal success, in attracting people, leave alone women?  That’s insane. Anyways time for the TRUTH. Are you ready for it? Good!

You need to first cultivate and exhibit MASCULINE ENERGY AND MANNERISMS. Next, you need to SET THE FRAME of the interaction as a “MALE TO FEMALE POLARITY“. You then need to exhibit specific “key” NON VERBAL SIGNS with your voice and body that telegraph HIGH SURVIVAL VALUE to her.  As well, speak and behave in a specific way that makes a woman feel an UNCONTROLLABLE ATTRACTION AND CONNECTION to you and interest in PURSUING the interaction further. Only then will you stand out, romantically in her eyes, over the rest of the men she meets who she sees as “friends only” material. The final touch is to test her for COMPLIANCE SIGNALS before we move the interaction forward.

These are TELLTALE BEHAVIORAL, NOT VERBAL signs that a woman is actually attracted to you and furthermore wants you both to act on her interest. You will throw out tests to determine her compliance at 4 stages of the interaction from the start until you land a date with her. If you don’t observe these signs and try to move the interaction forward you’ll get shot down, be given a fake number, or will experience “buyer’s remorse” from her when you call her. Your advances might also be rejected, even though a woman is telling you she’s into you. This is because women will often just give you “lip service”, to put you on, to avoid hurting your feelings. This usually happens if you try to force things, unnaturally as most men do.  So we must only move the interaction forward when we observe compliance signals from her through her behavior.  This ensures that you are both on the same page.  During this training program, you will learn what these compliance signals are and how to leverage them to move the interaction from the time you meet her until you land a date with her. I GUARANTEE IT!

How do I know this? I have over 10 YEARS OF LIVE INFIELD EXPERIENCE AND SOLID RESULTS to back this up. That’s right. If you’ve read my bio, you’ll know that I’ve spent several years in the field determining what it takes to stand out, create noise, attract and lead others to do what I want. This includes the right vs wrong way to meet, attract, date women of beauty and high quality. So I know more than most about what works vs what doesn’t. Most so-called success, life, or dating coaches haven’t spent this amount of time in the field, rarely come with any STREET CREDIBILITY as I do, and haven’t REVERSE ENGINEERED this process down to this depth as I have. So you are getting the BLOOD AND GUTS, NO BS truth from me.

I currently offer the GAME MAAXIMIZER PROGRAM, VIRTUALLY via  ZOOM. I used to offer it via “live in field” 3 day sessions in NYC, Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal in the Mid 2000s. However, I decided to go virtual due to the pandemic, a change in my business model, and because I wanted to reach a lot more people across the globe.  Been featured in the media like the National Post(Still have the link to the article if you want to see it) and in various morning radio shows

(This is a pic of one of our Toronto, Canada clients engaging a woman in conversation)
Day Game Training

Some of the things you’ll learn…

  • How to successfully OPEN AND ENGAGE just about any woman, within the first 1 minute who is first demonstrating certain social cues( Remember we need to observe compliance from her before we open her until we ask her out on a date).
  • How to demonstrate “HIGH SURVIVAL VALUE” through your ideas, non verbal mannerisms, verbal patterns, and behaviors. Remember this is required for a woman to see us in a romantic way.
  • How to “MICRO CALIBRATE” your approach for every single type of woman and situation so that she feels an attraction and connection with you over the rest.
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF COMPLIANCE SIGNALS. You will learn how to really tell if a woman is into you vs just telling you she is just to be polite and to get you off her back leaving you with a  fake number at the end. You must observe compliance signals from her, as I had indicated above before you move the interaction forward. I’ll teach you 3 PROVEN compliance signals. They are proven signs of legitimate interest and an indicator that a woman wants us to get more cozy and intimate with her.
  • The ONE thing you must do to ensure that a woman genuinely wants to keep in touch with you and see you again.
  • The RIGHT VS WRONG way to demonstrate HIGH SURVIVAL AND SOCIAL VALUE. The wrong way will get you blackballed. The right way will cause women to have “HOT FLASHES” for you and can even get you an awesome relationship with your IDEAL WOMAN.
  • How to FLIRT with a woman in a very specific way. This type of flirting is so deadly that it will spark massive sexual tension in her. Consequently, she will not be able to take her hands off of you.
  • My 4 Q model of how to land a date or even a relationship with a woman from a cold approach.
  • How to ESCALATE the interaction with a woman in a seamless, natural way so that you never encounter resistance from her.
  • How to get a woman CHASING you using powerful verbal patterns like false disqualifiers, tension loops, and freezeouts. They take advantage of a woman’s instinct to want to seek validation from someone who doesn’t give it to her. Consequently this chasing dynamic will set the stage up for her having the HOTS FOR YOU!
  • How to THINK AND ACT  like a BOSS, without having to force yourself to “act as if”.
  • How to OUTSHINE over other men in any social venue or situation. This will position you as the leader in their eyes and the object of desire in the women’s eyes.

Day Game TrainingWith my GAME MAAXIMIZER TRAINING PROGRAM you’ll get to have me coach and guide you via a Zoom video call. Then I’ll show you how to apply what you know in the field.

With this coaching program, you’ll also get some  bonuses. My 2 ebooks
Maaximum Power and The Maaximum Manual.

As a 3rd bonus, you’ll also get my Online dating mastery checklist.

So if you’re ready to take your game to another level and really PUSH YOUR GAME TO THE MAAX!

Sign up for my GAME MAAXIMIZER TRAINING PROGRAM-VIRTUAL EDITION. Then visit my booking calendar here to
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(This is a pic of one of our London, UK clients engaging a woman in conversation)



All this for only $450.00 USD (original price was $750.00 USD)

So what are you waiting for? Get control over yourself, your life
for once by learning how to get what you want and who you want.