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Start your recovery from the Beta male virus now and let’s start you on the path to becoming a bona fide, attractive Alpha male

Book a 30 minute skype video call with me. I’ll give you the “Tune up or Game change” that you so desperately need. I will assess your sticking points and tell you exactly what you need to do to make significant improvements in your Game with women. The first improvement that must be made first is to change YOU. I will be able to tell exactly what your inner game, non verbal game and outer game weaknesses are so that you can start to improve them. These three areas govern 90% of your success with women.The other 10% or less reflects things out of your control. The call will be short but power packed with insights, fresh new ideas and I will leave you with a game plan to recover from the Beta virus that has been plaguing you.

Many have booked multiple calls as that is what they felt was really fundamental in making them rise from the beta male ruins and into a new life and with Boss like game with women.  As a side note and to be completely transparent, to really push your game to the max, consider taking a “Live in field” day game training program with me.

You will be able to apply what you learn instantly…..

In addition, you can pick my brain, ask me anything you desire. Nothing is off limits. I will also customize the session we have to address your specific issues. There is no need to go about life, as a chump, frustrated, dumbfounded when it comes to women and dynamics of seduction. Let me be your guide and explain things to you so you have many “Ah-ha” moments. Also what I will divulge you will be able to apply immediately. So don’t wait a minute longer my friend…….


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