How to get other men to respect and look up to you!

Hi guys,

So since I like writing posts in point form format as it is so much easier to process for you, I’m no different on this one. Here are 10 things you should and can do to command respect, adoration and loyalty from your male counterparts in any social setting, be at work, at home or at a social gathering. Consequently, when you can lead other men, it naturally attracts women like crazy.

So here we go.

1. Talk to others like a leader with flow, power, confidence, command. If you have a viewpoint, state it with firmness and with a lack of apology irrespective of how unpopular it may be. This will definitely brand respect from others.

2. Don’t be afraid to interject or budge into a conversation that is already taking place, without you. Especially if you are passionate about the subject matter, disagree with some of the stuff being said or have something you feel is worth contributing.

3. Teach others something about life, love, the world, politics, philosophy, global finance, the arts. I’m sure you are a virtuoso at something over your male counterparts. So why not demonstrate it? It will benefit them by adding to their “well of knowledge” and also make you the leader, teacher in that context. This will absolutely get others to look up to you and respect you.

4. Exhibit super confident, powerful body language when you are alone(sitting or standing or when you address others).This means a strong dominant voice, make strong eye contact when you address others, use your finger to point a specific member within a group you maybe chatting with, be expressive with your body when you are making a point(raise your hands, clap them, stomp your feet, circle your arms, etc) use animated facial expressions and an equally animated vocal tonality to highlight certain points within your thread, sit/stand with an upright posture, take up space with your arms/legs with you site or stand to convey comfort, coolness and dominance of the domain.

5. See your self in your mind’s eye walking in any social setting or circle and having all eyes on you, people coming up to you, wanting to touch you, be around you, look up to you. This will build a solid neuro-muscular memory and very powerful self image. Consequently this internal image will be reflected in your external world through thought, emotional response and action. In otherwords, you will become that person you consistently visualize.

6. Take care of your body, mind by pushing them to the extreme. Eat lean, clean. Meditate, embrace the power of visualization to relieve stress, to get your mind to focus on who you want to become and what you want. Dabble in extreme things that maximize your mental toughness like no other-kickboxing, MMA, boxing, crossfit. You will not only look better than your male counterparts in any social setting but you will have superior fighting skills, self defense skills, functional strength, etc. This will definitely warrant respect from them.

7. If someone disrespects you or someone that you respect, you need to put that source to rest. School that person. Let them know that you will not tolerate such ignorance or disrespect from them. This will show that you have a code of honor which you live by. One of the things most men never develop. This is your “code” of what you stand for, are passionate about, will live/die for. You will gain so much adoration and respect from other men for having these standards and upholding them, no matter what.

8. If you are faced with an “AMOG” who is someone trying to belittle you or take your status away to look good in front of others or as possessing higher status than you, then you need to act and remove that “bug”. There is a specific way to do this. check out my podcast on how to diffuse any AMOG and have him retreat with his tail between his legs. It’s in my podcast section.

9. Pulling up someone is better than putting someone down to look cool. Help another brother out if you can and where you see that one needs help. I’ve been in so many situations where I see other men who have no game, confidence, social prowess and such. It pains me that no one taught them these things. So if I see that someone is really struggling and seems uncomfortable in a social situation, I’ll try to help that person out.

10. Constantly work on improving yourself and inspire that mindset within others. If you see or notice that someone is exhibit doubt, fear, uncertain about something, then it is your duty to help them out if you can. Show them, teach them the way. The world and believe it or not the male world is lacking leadership. So go fill that void.

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