how to be more confident and masculine

The ultimate training program on how to be more confident and masculine and improve your “Game”
in life, love and in business.

Want to learn how to master the manosphere? Then you need to “immerse” yourself in the subject in theory and practice for least a month. That’s exactly what you will get with my latest 1 month immersion training program. For instance, you will learn how to be more confident and masculine like never before. Furthermore, you will learn how to improve your social skills to a whole new level.  This means that you will learn how to talk to women,  how to attract women and much more.Lastly, you will learn how to sell yourself and master the mindset of wealth.

The specific breakdown of my program

My program is broken up into 4, 1 hour Skype training sessions and 4, 1 hour in field sessions with me. Furthermore, you can correspond with me on whatsapp or phone in between sessions. Lastly, I will give you homework, assignments which will help you build understanding, skill and experience on the previous session.

Developing your masculine energy and an Alpha mindset. I’ll teach you how to be more confident and masculine

This is the first topic we’ll cover.. You will learn the importance of developing your masculine energy and embodying an Alpha mindset. This is the first thing you must to before you can expect great things to come your way in terms of wealth, women, respect and adoration from others, etc.

You will learn what that looks like in terms of the way you think, how you feel and ultimately how you act. As an example, you will not only learn but be shown how to be more confident and masculine in “real life” situations.


Drastically improving your social skills or social intelligence and learning how to atract women

This is the next topic we’ll cover. See once you have a deep understanding of what it means to be masculine and Alpha, then you need to develop social skills. This is because you are socially connected to other people in this modern world. They are your potential fans, admirers, lovers, clients, friends or haters.

This means you need to learn how to lead them and engage them. Show them whose boss. Make them feel good around you also.This takes confidence and social intelligence or “Game”. You will learn this.


Sales, persuasion and wealth

You can’t claim ownership over the manosphere until you know how to sell yourself, your ideas and vision to the world. You can’t call yourself a man, if you don’t know how to beat out the competition for resources. This means knowing how to make money.  and generating wealth. Of course you can’t make money, if you don’t know how to sell or persuade others on your vision. You will learn how to do just that with my quick but deep introduction to “power and influence”.


This program will be further broken down into “baby steps” so you’re not overwhelmed but rather absorbing the information into your neuro-muscle memory. This is how you will develop a deep understanding and mastery of yourself and of these different areas.So if you are sick and tired of being an “Average Joe” and want to transform yourself into a Boss, in life, love and in business, then you need to sign up for my immertain training program today.

The pricing is as follows:

My 1 month mentorship program is $1095.00 CAD.

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2 months $1790.00 CAD (Save $400.00 CAD)

Just pay 30% now to book a session or $537.00

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If you don’t want to commit for a month and simply want training for a day or two, then check out my 2 day live in fiel training programs. Its main focus is to improve your social skills with women