How to become a manly man-Mental Toughness is the key!

One of the staple traits of being a “real” man or masculinity is being physically and mentally tough. This means when the going gets tough, you get going. You push through and in fact you should feel excited. Why? Adversity makes you grow, success and happiness doesn’t. You cannot call yourself a man if you don’t have this perspective. I’m sure you have been told by many idiots out there who call themselves life, dating, self growth coaches that your state determines your will or actions.Therefore you should put yourself in an A+ state first. That’s bullshit. How many people do you know feel good or confident or secure all of the time? Secondly, do you want to only act when you feel confident or secure? What happens on an off day or if something happens to your game plan or if life deals you a blow? Are you going to work on building yourself back up into a good, ol’ cheerful state and then act?

Listen, a real man is able to feel pain, suffering, insecurity, physical pain, the risk of failure, rejection and such and keep pressing forward. He feels the fear or negative emotion and keeps moving on. When you do this, you change your neural pathways. You condition your mind and body to act inspite of negativity, chaos and disorder in your life. How many men do you know have this ability? Very few! If you can do this, you own yourself and your world. You also will be considered as a Boss by other men, the object of desire by women and ultimately feel a sense of inner strength, peace and happiness within.

So how do you become a manly man? How do you become mentally tough? Here are 3 simple ways.

1. Just do the very thing that you are fearful of. Of course you don’t need to jump all the way in, into the deep end. Face it, one step at a time. However you must move forward and face it. For instance, let’s say that you want to meet and date beautiful women that you see, in random casual passing but you are afraid of rejection. In this case, understand why you may have the strong desire to seek approval from others especially women, work on yourself so that you increase your self esteem and self confidence but also just go out there and cold approach women. Just face it. If you do that, you will, eventually just feel the fear and still go for it. That’s the response you want to condition within your subconscious mind.

2. Get into MMA, Boxing, Cross Fit. I was always tough but ever since I starting to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and get into actual rolls or fights in my academy to learn how to fight, It’s made me so much more physically and mentally tough. If you can take a beating, eventually you will be numb to pain or the risk of it(psychically, emotionally). This will increase your pain/risk threshold and make you more mentally tough.

3. Learn to speak your mind, inspite of criticism or backlash from others who are blinded by ignorance. Even if it means losing friends, lovers, the popularity contest. Stop being society’s bitch. Stop chasing approval from others. Stop caring about being validated by the mainstream. That is NOT manly at all and although you may think you are getting the popular vote, you are trading your balls and soul for it. The mainstream know this subconsciously and can never really respect you or be attracted to you. You will only command respect when you stand your own ground and act autonomously. This is another example of mental toughness.

So if you want to know how to attract women and how to get other men to respect you, then you need to first start
learning how to be a manly man. The main thing you need to develop is mental toughness to call yourself such. I’ve shown you why that is so and what you can do to develop that characteristic.

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