I’m offering a fully customized, 1 month mentorship program. During this time you will learn:

How to be more masculine and confident. How to improve your social skills. How to attract women. How to get a date and lastly how to earn money and create wealth.

This is ideally for men age 21-50 who feel they need improvement in either 1 or all of these areas. Whether you want to master developing your masculine energy and exhibiting Alpha behaviours or master developing their social skills and Learning how to attract women. Learning how to sell themselves and make more money

This is broken up into 4, 1 hour Skype training sessions with me and 4, 1 hour in field sessions with me. You can also correspond with me in between these dates so you always have me there to help you, in real time. Lastly, I will give you homework, assignments which will build understanding, skill and experience on the previous skill, understanding and experience we build for you.

Breakdown of pricing:

My 1 month mentorship program is $1095.00 CAD.

Just pay 30% now to book a session or $328.00

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2 months $1790.00 CAD (Save $400.00 CAD)

Just pay 30% now to book a session or $537.00


So if you are sick and tired of being an “Average Joe” and want to transform yourself into a Boss, in life, love and in business, then this immersion training program is an absolute must for you.

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