I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “It doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it”?  This is such an accurate statement because people judge us not on the words we use but rather the underlying NON VERBAL SUB-COMMUNICATION behind what we say and how we behave. It instantly conveys to others whether we are someone of HIGH STATUS or LOW STATUS. You might not even realize it like most people but you might be speaking, moving, or acting in a way that is undermining your ability to engage others and ultimately get what you want.

Now on the other hand you might be someone who is quite aware that you have weak body language and need some help in improving it. Whatever your situation is, I can help you radically improve your non-verbal communication until your sub communication is very POWERFUL and ATTRACTIVE to others. That means BEAUTIFUL WOMEN also!

You will learn these secrets

  • How to use your voice to captivate people in SECONDS!
  • How to develop a magnetic presence by using your VOICE AND BODY in a very specific way!
  • How to stand and walk in a DOMINANT AND ATTRACTIVE way.
  • What types of FACIAL AND VOCAL MANNERISMS to avoid and which ones to develop and exhibit when speaking with others.
  • What speed you should speak at.
  • The importance of your VOCAL CADENCE and much more..

I will customize the session to meet your specific needs
and to improve upon your sticking points until YOUR body language
is powerful and attractive. This way, anything you say or do
will captivate people, women.

So stop talking and walking like a “beta male” and start
sub communicating like a BOSS!.

Book a session with me and change your game and your life!

Price is only $200.00(Original price was $400.00) Once you book your session just go to my
calendar and book a spot for us to meet on ZOOM. Just e-mail me a copy of your receipt and that’s it.