Learn how to close big ticket leads on the phone or in person like a boss. That’s right, let me show you my NO BS system to cold calling, engaging and closing BIG FISH, Decision maker types so that you can make 10X more money, gain 20X more self -respect, and be in control of your life. Remember the ability to sell yourself “cold” is the characteristic trait separates a high status man from a low status one.  So let’s get you ahead of the curve. Maaximize your sales and persuasion game now!

I’m known as the Wolf at two major Bay St banks for breaking lead generation and close ratios that were considered impossible to break. Also started and grew two successful businesses to 6 figures, a following on social media, and my love life to astronomical levels based on a unique understanding of how to make people feel an instant attraction and connection to me, my ideas and vision over the rest. Let me show you the SECRET behind how to do that also so you can become a MACK. This training session is ideally for salesmen, Business owners or anyone for that matter who wants to learn how to CLOSE anyone in their path, in the real world, on the phone and even online. Now that’s how you build real wealth, status and respect in the world.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • The NO BS truth of  how to captivate someone, from the moment they meet you in person or on the phone.  This will “Shock” you.
  • How to start the call and create an instant impact using 3 KILLER STRATEGIES. Most fail, even at this early stage.
  • “Exactly” what to say and how to say it to make your prospect feel an instant ATTRACTION AND CONNECTION to you.
  • 3 WAYS to tell if your prospect is interested or engaged or just giving you lip service. This is KEY to generating solid leads vs flakes
  • How to handle any objection, MASTERFULLY! until your prospect is convinced that there is no other way than to do business with you!
  • How to effectively “CLOSE THE DEAL“. Most don’t do this properly and lose the deal after all of that hard work. You will learn the 2 KILLER THINGS that most people do that just kills the “buzz”. You will learn the ONLY way that works to overcome LAST MINUTE RESISTANCE and CLOSE THE DEAL!
  • and much more.

“Omar is the top sales consultant I’ve ever worked with”
-Jason, VP/Sr IA, Wealth Management, Major Canadian Bank, Toronto, Canada.

“Omar’s strategies really helped me overcome some huge hurdles
and make more sales”
-Mate Salesman, Mobile Phone Company Budapest, Hungary. 

So stop the insanity right here, right now! What you’ve been doing and the advice you’ve been listening to is obviously not working. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Let me show you the NO BS truth on how to CLOSE big time leads like a BOSS and gain power and choice in your life for once!

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To book a session is very easy
1. Register for a training session 2. Visit my online booking calendar and select a free 2 hour slot 3. Meet me on Zoom on the date/time of your scheduled training session 4. Walk away with powerful strategies that you can use instantly to Maaximize your ability to attract, persuade and lead others!