Wish you had better social or communication skills? Wish you could move others with your words or influence others by the way you talk? Wish you commanded presence in a crowd? Wish you knew how to hold a conversation with a woman and simultaneously trigger deep attraction in her for you? Wish you knew how to kill at presenting or public speaking or perhaps standing your ground and making your voice be heard in your company? Then this package is just for you.

I will show you

  • What words trigger attraction in people
  • What behaviors are a death sentence and what behaviors will make others want you
  • How to specifically use your voice and body to create an emotional impact in people, when you speak
  • How to telegraph that you are a dominant, Alpha male not to be messed with but should be listened to and respected
  • What words you should never use as they will make people see you as weak and low status and what words to use as they will instantly make people look up to you and be attracted to you
  • How to introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met at a social gathering
  • How to work a crowd to get everyone eating out of the palm of your hands, especially the women
  • The 5 Non-verbal cues you must master if you want to make a woman’s head turn

and much more

As you’ve come to realize, what separates the small margin of men that own the world, bag all of the women, garner all of the respect, make all of the money vs the mass of betas that just sit and watch boils down to superior communication, social and leadership skills. Don’t get left behind. Let’s get you ahead with my Social Skills Maaximizer Program. It’s a short but intense Zoom training session that will surely “MAAXIMIZE” your game and your life

Also, I normally charge $800.00 USD for this but I’m offering this ZOOM Coaching session for $550.00 USD.

Reserve your spot now. Then go to my calendar and book a spot. Just e-mail me a copy of your receipt
and that’s it.