My “Shocking” ebook every guy needs to read


Learn the “truth” about how to attract any woman you desire from a cold approach


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Why this book is a must read over the garbage you see at bookstores today

This was the first book I authored in 2006. My approach today is slightly different and relies more on being my best self and using “compliance tests” to move the interaction forward and leading a woman to my bed. However the basic building blocks are the same. This book will give you a “truthful” breakdown of how to seduce a woman from a “cold approach”! This is based on my many years of live in field experience meeting, attracting and getting dates with beautiful women I randomly approached in the real world. It’s also based on my scientific understanding of the female mind.

What’s in this book

You will learn the basis for sexual attraction. This means, how women form their mating preferences. Consequently you will learn what traits to develop and embody to meet these preferences. You will then learn my unique “7 step” system on how to approach, attract and date any woman you want from a cold approach. My book also contains a bonus section, which chronicles some of my actual exploits with the opposite sex from way back. You’ll see how I apply what I teach in real world situations.

“The book completely shocked me. I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had no clue about, when it came to attracting and seducing high quality women. I am finally awake from my sleep and getting amazing results in my dating and sex life”.-Mark, Germany

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