Learn the “secret” about how to how to attract women and gain respect from others in minutes



The lie-money, status, good looks or a costly education attracts people and women to you.

Have you been told throughout your life that you need good looks, lots of money, a fast car or a good education to create noise, persuade others, and attract women to you? Well guess what? That’s a bunch of hogwash. See, you don’t need any of these things. Now, of course, having some of these things will attract a few followers, fans and groups to you. However be aware that they will only be there for what you have and not based on who you are. In my opinion, any man whose social circle is there merely for utility is a beta male, not an Alpha. Let me teach you the truth about how to attract women and persuade others on your vision.

The truth about how to persuade others and how to attract women, money, and status in life.

Attractiveness and persuasiveness is not about having material status. What this means is that, It’s about exhibiting a certain attitude, specific verbal communication, and exhibiting certain mannerisms. This book will share exactly what this looks like. Specifically, this book will unveil the “truth”  on how to persuade others to want what you have. Consequently,  it will teach you the “truth” about how to attract women also, so they want to be with you, for you. Not because of what you can offer them. Now that’s real status.

A preview of topics on how to persuade others and attract women found in my book

1. The drivers are that cause people to act on a message they see or hear.

2. How to push these drivers to get people to want what you have, including women.

3. My Maaximum Method-the only “truthful, live in field” tested model which breaks down
power, influence, and attraction into “bite-size” chunks. This means that you can use these concepts
in minutes and start seeing results immediately!

4. How to cold approach and engage someone’s interest in minutes. This also includes beautiful women.

5.The critical importance of inner game and non-verbal communication in persuading others.
This also means attracting beautiful women.

Furthermore, the specific examples in the book deal with how to dominate any social domain
you enter and close the deal with any woman you want from a cold approach!

And more….The wisdom in this book is priceless. Get it as a fast download, for only $12.95