Who am I? Why you should listen to me?



Hi , I am Omar, the founder of “The Maaximum Life”.  For over 10 years now, I’ve been helping men develop their masculine energy, confidence, mental toughness, social intelligence and master salesmanship.  I have appeared on the former Dean Blundell show on 102.1 The Edge, The Morning show on 103.5, The Gentleman’s Room(From the producers of of “Keys to the VIP” on the comedy network), the National post and other media outlets. My passions external to helping men develop their masculine energy and becoming master closers in life, love and in business include training in mma, Brazilian jiu jitsu, traveling and seeking the truth about the world in which I live in.

“Omar is a really awesome coach. I was lacking charisma, confidence and a game plan to achieve mastery over my love life and my finances, until I met him. Regards.

Devin, New York City.”